Friday, May 29, 2009

M1 | Day 68 and CONTEST | Day 26

Oh........ she's so Intense

Heard that before....of course you have, not about of course not.

in this case would hope to be called tooooo intense.

So.....I walked into the gym today with a plan.

This was going to be the BEST training session I had ever had.....and so it was. It helps that I love weight training and it also helps that I train in a magnificent gym with all the latest gear and...of hottie, Miss Power Plate which I use between every set I do. Accelerates blood flow and allows me to train harder. ( Champions do daily what ordinary people do occasionally) and that is one of the Extra things I do.

Another extra-ordinary. very important thing that I do is ......and this is muy importante..... scout around for one of those 'lurkers' who are dressed in the corporate gym gear or I look for a guy who looks like he knows what he's doing and I ask him for a spot.

Now, for those new to the world of lifting a spot is not some instant drug that makes you grow bigger it's just an easy way of asking for a helping hand.

Now, again for those new to this sport...and actually it is a sport, and you are a 'bodybuilder' like it or not. You may never compete.....oh no sorry, how silly of me, you're competing right now...So you ARE a proud of it......

.....oh, sorry I digress....

those new to the sport of bodybuilding need to know that the quickest way to build muscle

( girls don't be scared you will not end up looking like Linda Hamilton in Terminator....
...what's that I hear, oh you WANT to look like her or Demi Moore in GI Jane....then this applies to you.)

is, apart from sticking needles in your upper outer quadrant or Butt, filled with junk that makes horses more muscular and leaner, and has a cool side effect like PREMATURE it from the rooftops.... INTENSITY.....that means correct form and the heaviest weight you can lift for the exercise and number of reps you are required to do.

At the risk of alienating my female friends here I have to say I have never seen a female training, on her own, anywhere near her potential....which of course means, she is stunting her progress.

For example, there were two girls doing leg press when I was training and I could see the girl in the hot seat was hardly working and she certainly wasn't bringing her legs down anywhere near where she needed to, to get maximum benefit. As I walked past I said, add a 22lb weight on either side....the girl in the machine nearly had appoplexy and I was contemplating calling for a brown paper bag she was hyperventilating so much......but I convinced her that she could do it, and so she had a go.......outcome......I think she's planning to train for the next Miss America title she was so thrilled.

This is not new....I see it every day...and I bet she can't wait for her next training day to up her weights with everything.

So.....ASK for help on correct form, ASK for a spot and you'll immediately see your training and results jump a notch or two.

It works for me, I was incline benching 80lbs in each hand today.....not because I'm strooooonnnng, but because I had help from someone who was going to help me if my reach had temporarily exceeded my grasp, and it hadn't.

I would rather not train than train with 85% effort. I am a champion and that is just not good enough I'm afraid, and it shouldn't be for you either.

Love, Gratitude and Peace

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