Saturday, May 23, 2009

M1 | Day 62 and CONTEST | Day 20

Contestants ready......your challenge starts....NOW

This is where the rubber meets the road.

20 days done, 64 to go. The euphoria is beginning to wear off.....the eating plan is repetitive and my taste buds are getting bored....The training is tougher than I thought it would be and I'm not seeing the results that I thought I would by this I going to make.

At this stage of the contest, these are questions which many shredders will be asking. For most of us, this is not the first transformation PLAN we have undertaken, in fact for a lot of us we have tried a LOT of plans and probably are well versed in every diet in the book.

This is the time to dig deep and find out for real and forever what we are made of.

We are NOT going to bale on this one because:

WE ARE ACCOUNTABLE. If there was ever a secret to success in this kind of project...this would be it.

Inherantly we know that we are following a solid plan...that we know works, so why do we stumble at this stage and in fact some fall.

Because the enemy, the giant, the monster within, does not want you to succeed.

Remember the story of the wolves. Its worth repeating.
A young indian boy in North America was looking for advice from an elder. I have in my head bad wolves...they fight all the time and steal each others food and growl at each other and I also have good wolves who play and share food with each other and are happy but sometimes the good wolves fight with the bad wolves.....who will win. The elder replied " The ones you feed the most"

We all have good and bad wolves and it's just a questions of managing "The monster"

First, let's not call it the beast or the monster because that's just giving it power. Second it has no control over us unless we let it. Third we DO have the power to make it go away.

Here is a simple technique to deal with anything negative that is running rampant in your head.

  1. When you become aware of a negative thought immediately say STOP to the voice.
  2. Ask what the voice saying the truth (99% of the time the answer will be no)
  3. Change the negative to a positive thought. ( eg. I am such a loser, I'm never going to lose weight..STOP. Is that true? Clearly it's not true because you don't know that.
  4. Replace the negative thought with a positive such as. "I know this is the right program for me and with patience I will get to where I want to be."
Initially this takes a bit of work but once you make it'll never look back. I promise.

Re-look your PRW's and make sure that they are still relevant. Often times when you get into doing something you need to do, you discover the reasons for doing it are no longer valid. If your PRW's are not valid or powerful anough they will not motivate through 84 days.

Now is the time to dig deep and find the strength that you KNOW you have. Don't give that stupid voice in your head the power to de-rail you. Let this be the time when you triumph, FINALLY and FOREVER.

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