Thursday, May 21, 2009

M1 | Day 60and CONTEST | Day 18


I have written about about visualisation being an essential tool to reaching your goals.

This is critically obviously, because everything starts as a thought. Following on from that, we know that we do not think in linear fashion. In other words, if I think to myself "swimming pool" I do not see the words but I see a swimming pool with sparkling blue water, that makes me want to jump in.

The more you visualise that pool the more vivid it becomes until you even start smelling the salt from the salt water chlorinator and being able to feel the texture of the water and you may even see children playing in the water and having a fabulous time.

Now, in an article I wrote about a vision board and how important it is to be able to create that vivid picture of what you want. SUZETTE picked up on that and suggested we all "write" a visualisation of what we want from our transformation, which I think is a great idea..thank you here is mine.

Mine is more short term.

I start packing for december vacation. This year is different, not in the destination...that's always the coast..I cannot imagine december vacation without sea and sun...but this year is different because I am different.

I don't have to pack those huge board shorts that I mistakenly thought hid my expansive girth, until I saw last years photographs. I can dump those xxxxxoversize T shirts that hid a multitude of consistent culinary sins. "Oh I must take a lot of these T's so I don't get sunburnt...and I'll swim in them too.. What a damned LIE.

Nope this year I am packing a new wardrobe. Clothes that fit me properly, that accentuate my new physique...not in a boastful way, but so that I feel really good in them.

Driving down to the coast in the Landrover, a longish drive...I feel full of energy and exitement, none of that lethargy of last year where it was a mission getting in and out of the vehicle which is quite high off the ground.

Somehow my girlfriend and the kids seem more exited, everyone seems happier...hmm, actually it's me. I have a different attitude. I am in great shape, my heart is so strong from all the cardio, I'm not pulling my huge T shirt away from my bulging front all the time, hiding behind sunny's so no one can see me. Yep, it's definately me. I feel great and the journey is going really well.

Hours later we're at our wooden cabin on the mountain overlooking the ocean. I unload the vehicle. Gee baby did we pack less than last year? Are you sure? Again, me..much stronger, much fitter, much less effort.

Standing out on the deck with the wind gently blowing over my solid torso, I smell the salt and look at the ships lights twinkling gently out at sea. "Baby, I'm looking forward to running on the beach at dawn. You?.. Can't wait. You see last year we were down at the beach, but it wasn't dawn and it was more of a plod.

Dawn...fresh sea breeze, great for an early morning run. After 15 minutes we are both covered in a sheen of fine persperation, well I am, my girlfriend is glowing. I look down and see my muscles glistening in the sunlight, I feel like I could run body feels taut, like a spring...I really feel like an athlete. My girlfriend runs smoothly next to me. She's gorgeous, 6ft 1 inch and also in great shape.

Heading back home we discuss breakfast. Fresh cut fruit, scrambled eggs on wholewheat and a skinny cappucino. Mmmm, delicious.

We head down to the beach after carrying umbrellas and cooler bags and stuff (moms you know about this) which is not a problem I am twice as strong as I was last year.
I'm in board shorts and sans T shirt which is in thebag. Why wear one I have abs now, and I certainly don't feel self conscious.

On the beach we get set up and I head into the ocean with the kids. I grab for my T shirt...hang on, don't need that this year. In the sea I'm jumping waves and holding the kids up and frolicking around like a mad man. Feel fantastic about the way I look.. it is second nature to me now and I have trouble remembering what I looked like before. I think about Adam Waters for a while and wonder if he's doing the same thing as me, but in OZ. I offer a silent thanks to him. He's the one that started all this.

Walking back up the sand I feel the eyes of a whole bunch of middle aged guys with big guts bulging over huge board shorts sitting in the sand, beer in hand, looking at me...and I KNOW they are thinking, man he must have good genetics..or..he must have such a boring life if he looks like that and all I want to do is go to each one of them and tell them that, they can also get their lives back and stop internally feeling terrible about the way they look and blaming everyone and everything but themselves.

I could never look like that, I don't have time..I'm too busy..I don't have the genetics..I'm happy with the way I am..I'm not fat, I'm BIG.

I keep walking hoping that a vacation photo will help them see the truth.

After lunch we go down to the rock pools and look for fish. Looking forward to a barbeque tonight of fresh fish and salads before settling down for the night with the fresh ocean breeze gently caressing my shorts only clad finely toned body. Yup no supersized T shirt for me this year.

Drifting off to sleep with a smile on my face as I think "I look and feel fantastic, I have got my life back..thank you Adam Waters.

Now... By the time we hit the ocean in 6 weeks time I will have visualised that day so many times that my body will find ways to eat cleaner, train harder and think smarter because the mind cannot differentiate between a real and an imagined experience and I will look and feel just like I see it today. WOW, that is powerful.

Write you own script, AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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