Thursday, May 14, 2009

M1 | Day 53 and CONTEST | Day 11

The best medicine is NOT obtained by a Doctors prescription

Once in a lifetime we connect with someone who just 'gets' us, you know the kind of person you can talk rubbish to 5 times a day and not get my life, my sister was that person.
On the 21st November 1993, my then wife, sister and a friend from the UK were travelling home on a dark road some 5kms from my home at around 10pm on a sunday night.

On a downhill I noticed a vehicle parked on the side of the road and as we passed I observed the driver a young girl was in obvious distress.

I did a u turn and drove back to the car parking opposite on the shoulder of the road. My passengers in unison had asked me not to stop as they felt the presence of evil very strongly hovering around the area like a black cloud.

I felt I had to help the young woman who was alone in her car and crossed the road to help.

Turns out she had hit a dog 50 yards back and was hysterical and not able to go back herself to check on the dog.

I shouted over to my passengers asking them to look after the girl while I walked up the road to look for the dog. I found the dog who sadly had been killed and pulled him off the road.

Walking back to my vehicle I noticed my sister standing beside my car, waiting for a vehicle which was approaching down the hill, she obviously intended crossing the road to help the young woman.

The oncoming vehicle illuminated my sister and I was very aware that it was travelling at speed.

As the vehicle approached where my car was parked on the verge the driver inexplicably swerved towards my car. He collided with the side of my vehicle and hit my sister head on picking her up on the bonnet of his car.

He continued towards me and as he saw me in his headlights swerved back onto the road in the process dumping my sister's body into the bush on the side of the road.

My mind refused to believe the horror I had just witnessed and I ran towards my car. In the process I instinctively cried out " GOD HELP ME."

In that very instant a peace washed over me like a warm blanket soothing and loving and I was fully at ease and very lucid and cognicent of what had just happened.

I ran back to where my sisters mangled body lay and put my hands on her. I felt a whoosh and her spirit left her body. Later that evening I remember the others telling me that they had seen a blazing chariot at the point of impact, above my car, rising up into the heavens.

In the prime of her life, at age 36, she was gone.

In an instant there were at least 20 or 30 people at the scene, all baying for blood since the offending driver had just continued down the road like a madman.

Now it bears noting that I spent 12 years as a soldier from the age of 16, fighting in a very violent
war torn area then known as Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. I grew up with a rifle in my hand so I was no stranger to the violence that the growing crowd was vehemently promoting and under normal circumstances would have been an eager participant.

But....the Peace that I had experienced was still with me and I was completely calm and able to settle the crowd whilst taking care of the details with the Police on the scene. I told the crowd collectively that the driver needed to be FORGIVEN, for he did not know what he had done.

Indeed, I myself felt absolute forgiveness in my heart and to this day I have never felt any malice towards the driver who turned out to be drunk at the time.

In fact the first thing that I told the driver when he appeared in court was that I had forgiven him for what he had done.

The court handed down a $200 fine for the many offences on which the young man was found guilty one of which being Culpable Homicide and everyone was outraged.

Me..... again that peace which I had felt had prevailed and I wasn't at all peturbed. After all, I wasn't the one that had to live with it and in fact it had such an effect on the young man that he tried to commit suicide.

So...I can personally attest to the fact that there is no finer medicine anywhere than FORGIVENESS.

Unforgiveness has been the cause of more sickness and cancer than any disease and I urge you ... as did Adam in his initial RTP-TS modules, that if you have any unforgiveness in your heart right now....Find a way to let it go, because until you do...your progress with anything in your life least of all your transformation will be radically impaired.

Finally, you may be wondering how I found the driver of the car.

Well at 5am I was sitting on the side of my bed and since God had given me this incredible peace and forgiveness I figured he might tell me who and where the driver was so....I asked him.

"Lord you know I feel no malice towards this man but I need to know who he is."

Seconds later my phone rang and it was my ex business partner. " Dougal I'm really sorry to hear about your sister but I think the vehicle responsible is parked outside my office". (he was a very early riser and happened to be driving to work at the time) I immediately went to his office and indeed there was the car abandoned under a tree.

Obviously, I gave the information to the police who found the the driver.
Supernatural you bet....Does God exist, you bet he does, for me....and on that day he dispensed the most powerful medicine possible, FORGIVENESS.

That gift has never left me and it has been the most incredible help in my personal growth over the years.

You CAN'T get that Over The Counter or from any Doctors prescription pad.

Find a way to let go of any unforgiveness in your life....if will hurt you badly.


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Shari Kraft said...

I had heard the story of your sister before. I cried then, and I cried again today. God loves us all so much. I'm glad he gave you peace when you needed it so.