Tuesday, May 12, 2009

M1 | Day 51and CONTEST | Day 9


What is it that fascinates us about leaness in the human form? Who was the first person or group of people to decided that lean and muscular was the way to go?

How come we are not all striving to be 130kgs and 53% bodyfat?

Can you imagine this scenario:

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen and a warm welcome to the 2009 european summer collection, we are going to show you the very latest in beautiful swim wear for your european summer holiday....

as you can see fashionable swim wear gets smaller each year and this year is no different."

Lights start flashing, music starts thumping, and the ramp floor starts bouncing....

"Ladies and Gentleman our first model in a stunning, skin tight ultra small bikini, Naomi Crumble."

An audible sigh of admiration from the very experienced audience as Naomi lumbers onto the stage looking like a beached whale.

"Oh my goodness, exclaims an afficionado in the front row, She's put on at least another 15 kilograms from last year, oh my, she's absolutely exquisite". Smiling Naomi turns and lumbers off stage as the italion supermodel Fabio Luvafood, is smashing the last of a chocolate eclair into his face before he rolls slowly onto the ramp.

A blond socialite 2nd row left almost falls off her seat with delight...."Ohhh Fabio, ohh, my fat fat Fabio", she sighs.

Two others VIP guests turn to each other and simultaneously gasp.."Is, Is, Is, he actually wearing a costume at all." His fleshy skirt completely covered his nether regions making it impossible to see if he had remembered to put on his Karl Largerfelt original bathing suit whilst stuffing the last of the cream chocolate mix into his mouth.

"Oh I so love these shows" say two VIP's to each other, "I just love the way the models just get fatter and fatter each year...how exquisite. By the way, it's my turn for lunch, there's a fabulous new Kentucky Fried chicken just off the strip, I had to book 3 months ago for a table. They have an all you can eat special. C'mon let's hurry".

Just a tongue in cheek, lighthearted look at the way we see bodies...others and our own and imagining, just for today, how it would be if things were different.


Shari Kraft said...

You are TOO funny! Really enjoyed your post today. Your sense of humor is sharp! hugs, dougal!

dougal said...

Heeeey, thanks for popping in How are you?

dougal said...

Heeeey, thanks for popping in How are you?