Monday, May 25, 2009

M1 | Day 64 and CONTEST | Day 22

You cannot rush progress.

Just finished training, had an awesome powerful session. Saw a guy that I hadn't seen before
he looked fantastic about 30, great physique, not overly muscular but very little body fat.
He was benching 300lbs, with his training partner spotting.

Now I could see this guy wasn't a juicer and I wondered about how long he had been training..... I asked him. Friendly guy told me he's been training for 30 years. WOW, That makes him 45 if he started when he was 15.

I was stunned. Not the length of time but the way he looked. My training partner had just asked me how long it would take before he was in great shape (which he is already BTW).

"Now you know", I said.

What can we take home from this experience.
  1. Rome was not built in a day.
  2. If you are in this for only 12 weeks.....leave now.
  3. Health and fitness is a lifetime project and one should have no short term thoughts.
  4. Once you've built the frame with a good've got it
  5. Patience...We have to know that it takes time and patience. Do not give up
  6. Perserverance..You have to believe that at times the guy has been disheartended about his progress.
  7. Persistance...That's what gets you through the feeling mentioned above
  8. Eating clean. I asked him...he said...ABSOLUTELY...Like "Are the Kennedy's gun shy."
  9. Stay with a training program enough to give it a chance...Don't chop and change.
  10. Periodisation....Don't do the same thing all the year round, follow a plan. Like the one you have.
We can all get to where we want to go....Age makes no difference, present condition doesn't, equipment doesn't, location doesn't.... WE CAN, get there..

All we need to do is understand the conditions above and keep going the way you are now....and you WILL GET THERE.

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