Tuesday, May 19, 2009

M1 | Day 58 and CONTEST | Day 16

I found a new secret weapon.....and she is HOT...

Yesterday whilst training at a brand new mega gym with super fancy this and mind blowingly technologically whiz kid that..... in between sets I saw her.

She was standing silently watching everybody training. She looked peaceful, but lean and hungry, kind of menacing, just waiting to pounce.

I pondered whether to approach her and find out what she was about.

The guy at the bench next to me saw me looking and told me that she could really help my training. Still standing there just observing, she was, so I asked him what it was that she did.

Looking from right to left in a furtive kind of way he said...shhhh, don't talk too loudly but she knows how to release testosterone and human growth hormone.

The weight room came to a grinding halt. The big boys dropped 12olbs dumbells right where they were standing. Berbells which had once been supported by the bench stops were now being supported by semi crunched sternums.

Testosterone, HGH, released... a new way......man this was music to our ears...we all crowded around our new best friend...we had found the hole grail.

What do you mean she knows how to release TT and HGH......Not only that but she can help you push heavier and make you more flexible he replied.

By now the guy with the info about the lean and slender beauty standing aloof, watching us almost with a sly smile on her face, was being crowded to the point where the word crushed was begining to look decidedly relevent.

It was time for him, to spill the beans or risk a trip to the emergency room.

OK, OK, I'll tell you her name he uttered with a terrified look on his face. It's, I'ts......
.....Miss, Power Plate.

I sauntered over pushed her buttons and she started jiggling like a magic jelly bean. VERY COOL.

The expert advice I got from the very qualified lady standing next to her was that stretching and warming up on one of these beauties can indeed release TT and HGH which is exactly what we need and can also benefit training. A stretch and a warm down on the machine will clearly help flexibility and doing abs on the jiggler I am told will build em double quick....You may not see them yet, but it will build them. It also promises to increase metabolic rate...another YES PLEASE.

So time will tell, but, to my mind, I will do or try anything (legal and allowed) to help me get closer to my goal.


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Margaret2007 said...

Oh my goodness, Dougal...I tried one of the machines at the State Fair last summer and FELL IN LOVE!!! (mine is male...ha-ha..) I just bought a spin bike and they had Power Plate machines in the showroom so I had to hop on...Oh boy, I sure wish I had more regular access to one...They are AMAZING!!! I go to Bally gyms, and they don't invest in new machinery often, so I'll have to get my fix somewhere else...Enjoy our guilty pleasure!!!