Sunday, May 31, 2009

M1 | Day 70 and CONTEST | Day 28

A 'Big Cat' attacked by a hyena……..huh?

Watching a wild life documentary last night I watched in amazement as a Lioness jumped into a tree to pull down a leopard kill.

Once the Lioness had the casrcass on the ground a hyena approached and started hassling the big cat.

Now a hyena is more than five times smaller than the cat and definitely no measure for this major predator but the hyena kept annoying the cat.

After some time the hyena started in, on the cat in earnest and actually started attacking the Lioness, who by this time was feeding.

A scuffle ensued and although the two fighting styles are vastly different…..the hyena sniping at the cats extremeties and the cat swiping with it’s huge paws with massive talons, the cat eventually gave up and the hyena stepped in to eat.

Now you’ll have to trust me when I tell you that it’s unheard of to observe a huge cat sitting down to sup with a little aggressive chap like a hyena, but co eat they did, and when they finished the hyena politely stepped away from the table bid his farewell to the cat and andered off dragging the remains of the carcass with it……say what? Unbelievable, sure but true…

….Why did this happen….turns out the Lioness was pregnant and cubs, warm, happy and comfy inside her belly were more important than A joust over a plate of food.

For the Hyena….could be he knew, or could be he was desperate, see desperation makes even animals do strange things….as it does to people.

And desperation, otherwise known as rock bottom makes people do desperate things like stick needles filled with sheeps urine into their bums, to lose weight…or eat only protein for two months, lose bunches of weight and MUSCLE MASS, think they are done and put it all back on plus a few pounds because they start eating normally.

There is only one way. A quality eating plan that does not restrict you, an intelligent training program which includes some cardio work and definitely some restistance training, a support system, such as the ‘sphere’ and for you to hit rock bottom.

Rock bottom is what brought you here RTP-TS is what will keep you here…all you need is the patience to see it through and….if you are not done in 84, do another one until you are done.

LIFESTYLE is the word here and ingraining good habits….but believe me once good habits are ingrained it’s very easy to slip back….I’ve been there.

It’s also interesting to watch people, male and female hit the gym with a vengeance and look fabulous after 6 months of two lettuce leaves and three hours of cardio a day….problem steps in when the clothes come off because all they are now is ‘ thinfat people’ who still can’t take their clothes off on the beach..

Whether you like resistance or weight training , in some form, or not it has to be done…especially with women and osteoparosis.

So…the message on this beautiful sunny Sunday here in Johhansburg is ….you are on the right track, doing the right program, eating the right stuff…and it’s all good.

Keep it going, make a few mods if you have to but ….this is the one, this is it….

….the only thing you should be ‘ chopping and changing ‘ from time to time is your vegetables.

Shred like crazy…time is marching on.


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