Saturday, May 9, 2009

M1 | Day 49 and CONTEST | Day 7


I've done this before but I think it's especially appropriate right now

I am so grateful to all of you who read my blog, those who support me through my own trials, and those who encourage me so much through your comments.

It is because of you that I write. Because of you, who have given me positive feedback, and who have articulated your appreciation for something that I have learned to love doing. Writing is very cathartic and is my friend

Those who have stood by me when I needed support,those who have encouraged me, those who have laughed with me, those who have cried with me, those who have passed the word on.

It has been an honour for me to serve you, some small way help you to take charge of your own make small changes which lead to big results, to give you the occasional " Aha " moment.

To have been able to bring you joy, and I hope I have, to have uplifted your spirits, to have made your heart soar high above where the eagles fly, to have strengthened your resolve, to have helped you kick start your journey.

In all of these things, if I have been in some small measure, a catalyst, I am grateful for in so doing, I have healed myself.

Below is a dedication to all you incredible shredders out there who with courage and true grit have chosen to follow the path of a man who is a magnificent example of what we are all striving to achieve Adam Waters.

As we shredders tramp this earth together
arms entwined, we carry those who stumble
and they us,
we band of brothers and sisters forever linked by one...
His leadership, resolute, unwavering,
Our eyes upward, our hearts beating
with mighty resolve, we hoist the steel
and run the road, fleet of foot
onward toward victory
with no thought of failure..
and, with a glance behind, we see
multitudes of those, our numbers growing
day by day,
as we, with him in front, encouraging us,
surging into our future
as we all choose ..
to take the road less travelled.

Thank you and please come back.

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