Thursday, May 21, 2009

M1 | Day 60 and CONTEST | Day 19

Today is my precious son's birthday. His name is Michael-James and he is 14 today.

Where did the time go...he was born on the day of the first game of the 95 rugby world cup....The first time we became world champions.

I remember so vividly all the babies in the maternity ward had little cuddly toys in their cots. My boy...a rugby ball. He still has that ball today.

Some years ago I was at a dinner party at a very upmarket function when one of the guests began regaling a story of 3 youngsters who had scaled the wall of a private house, leopard crawled across the front lawn, climbed the outside wall to the first floor and entered the house through the master bedroom before getting caught.

Apparently these kids, we we were told, had been watching S.W.A.T on TV and decided it would be fun to emulate the highly trained troops.

Everybody thought it was terribly funny including me until I realised that my son was one of the boys involved. Everybody thought it was even more funny when they knew.

I have many stories like that in my memory bank to share at his 21st.

More recently, in fact the beginning of this year, as a keen rower for his school, he won a bronze medal at the South African Championships.

Why am I telling you all this. Well for one, I am very proud of him and because I love him so much I want to be the best role model I can, which is a major motivating factor in my transformation process.

He was on the beach that day when I came close to death last year and Karen told me that whilst I was lying in hospital she had gone into his room at bedtime to find him in tears. He was worried about his dad making it out alive.

I want him to know that I am as well and healthy as I can be so that he can get on with his life to the best of his ability without unecessary worries.Making sure I get a meal in.

before some serious bench

Got to stay healthy for my boy

I want to be healthy enough to watch him play field hockey, which he loves and is very good at...I want to go hiking with him, I want to do stuff with him as he gets older and I want to be the BEST Dad I can be.

Most of all, I want an awesome six pack, exactly like the one he's got. LOL

That's my boy

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