Monday, May 4, 2009

M1 | Day 43

I woke up this morning with a sense of great anticipation.....why was I feeling like this....
oh yeah.......
today's DAY ONE of the most unique transformation contest on the planet.....and I'm part of it.

It's an honour and a privilege to be part of history...and it's true, we are making history today.

I feel a sense of pride being an itegral part of, as are we all, the shreddersphere.....This amazing place that we have all come to heal take refuge, in safety, with our brothers and sisters, dedicated to once and for all creating a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and hopefully to influence the rest of the planet.

Personally I consider it an honour to be able to compete in this contest and I compete against be the best that I can be, along side you all.

I wish everyone the best and I know you'll all give it 100%

I'd personally like to dedicate this post to Adam Waters who started it all.
He started this journey by himself and ended up developing a methodology that is guaranteed to give you the success you seek....provided you follow the plan.

On his own and single handedly he developed a working model that has ultimately taken him to a place where he is now fullfilling his dream, of helping people get fit and healthy, full time.

Integrity, the man has in abundance...patience, limitless... energy, boundless.... passion, no question...compassion, huge......

and the message in all this's never too late to get your life together and failure is only failure when you don't get up any more once you are knocked down for the unpteenth time.

As we march this bumpy road for the next 84 days, we will all find that along with getting stronger we will change as beings. We will become more confident, more complete beings with an enhanced self image and a heightened sense of who we are.

This journey, you will find, is more about personal growth than how many reps we can do.

And so Adam Waters, I salute you my are a GIANT amongst us mere mortals.

Lead us fearlessly, and TWO of us, will follow you.....



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