Wednesday, May 27, 2009

M1 | Day 67 and CONTEST | Day 25

To become a Champion

The day I checked out of hospital I had the strength of a gnat. I had lost 10kgs (22lbs) and all of it muscle quads were wasted, my arms had just enough strength to pick up the contraptions that were attached to my body via various needles and I was wearing a very uncomfortable neck brace.

I would have to stop half way up a flight of stairs in the hospital to avoid passing out whilst trying to at least get some exercise.

During the next 9 months and multiple major operations, I was on antibiotics whilst trying to fight persistant and dangerous infection.

Eventually after a dangerous op to remove the hardware from the back of my head I started to heal.

By this time I had put on 15kgs (35lbs) and I now weighed 100kgs or 220lbs. All of it was fat.

Comfort eating plays a big part in your life when you are recovering from a 'very' near death experience


And so this is where I was on day 1 of Mission 1 of my RTP-TS shred.

10 days out of hospital with nothing but but a whole lot of FAITH, HOPE, BELIEF and trust in Adam Waters system. RTP-TS.

Fzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ........Fast forward 65 days to yesterday.

Barbell Bench Press - final set, 4 reps 200lbs, correct form no spot. Bent over Barbell Rows - final set - 180lbs Lying Tricep extensions - final set 45lbs each hand Barbell bicep curls - 90lbs Do you think it's working?

I'm pretty happy with my progress and I should be. To date my total shred compliance has been 100%.

My training and my eating plan has been text book and my visualisation and thinking has been perfect.

I AM TRAINING LIKE A CHAMPION because I believe I am one.


Champions Do Daily What Common Men Do Occasionally.

Thank you Carlos

I am telling you all this not because I think I am a big deal or I'm trying to impress anyone because I'm not.


I telling you this because at this time in the contest some are wavering and some have already fallen away. Some are coasting and some need hope and encouragement.

This story is about those two words. I can't be with you in person but I can help you by giving you renewed hope and encouragement.....that spark that you had on day 1. That excitement, that determination, that drive.

Time is moving along so quickly and is not about to wait for waste no more of it.

Re look at your plan and see where you can tighten up, where you can improve and use every day.

This is not just another contest.....this is an International competition where at the final moment the winner will be crowned "The World Champion"

How badly do you want to be "The World Champion"

And if you decide you do, remember.....

Champions Do Daily What Common Men Do Occasionally.

If I can do daily what I need to do, to be a champion can too.

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