Wednesday, May 6, 2009

M1 | Day 45 and CONTEST | Day 3


Day 2 gone and I still have that....I wanna do more and more... feeling. Long may it last.

I get asked all the time about FAT BURNERS otherwise known as thermogenics.

The truth is......OTC (over the counter) fat burners do very little. They are not worth the money you pay for them and some like Hydroxycut, are downright dangerous.

What do thermogenics do?

They artificially stimulate your metabolism theoretically promoting fat loss.

However, let's assume they do work by effectively doing the above. At some stage you have to get off them since you can't take them forever and then what......your metab comes to a grinding halt ....and so begins the downward spiral of less and less calories until your set point is so low that anything resembling a normal amount of calories for your size and weights just makes you put on weight, and round and round we go.

Lovely isn't it.

Really the only suplement you should be using is a quality protein powder since eating chicken breast 6 times a day is not that exiting.

It is hard enough to build muscle that belongs to you and not the pharmaceutical companies, don't give it away by using junk suplements and wasting your money. Rather spend it on quality food that give you a great thermic effect.

That's metabolism boost the natural way.


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