Friday, August 29, 2008


If you read my post today you will see that I endorsed Barack Obama as appearing to be a fit healthy individual, qualities he would need should he become the next American president.

Well it looks like I blew it and didn't do my homework properly.

I was taken to task by my good friend Lynda who said that he was skinny and she didn't really want to look like that. She's right, he is.

Then I really had my bubble burst by Margaret who set the record straight by informing me that Obama is probably slight of physique because....HE IS A HEAVY SMOKER. Wow that puts a bit of a different spin on things.

Fit and a heavy smoker he doesn't quite fit the bill as a role model.

Sorry Barack you're off the 'A' list.

Thank you to Lynda and Margaret for putting me straight. My apologies for misleading you all.


Marbella said...

Friend Dougal,
For all we know, he may be the healthiest person around...sometimes hard for us to see the real person, so don´t feel bad. Put him back on your A list, and we´ll see soon what he´s really like. You know how terrible these elections really are, and how they dig up so much dirt. Did you see the new Vice-Pres candidate for McCain? She´s a runner, hiker, snowboarder and thin too. Let´s just see which of the two turns out to be the

dougal said...


Margaret2007 said...

No worries mate...I really hesitated in posting my comment, but the truth always needs to come out!!!

Really, what I hope for is the Lord's blessing on our land to let us live free and happy lives...with whomever He chooses to let win!!!!

dougal said...

Margaret, I am never scared of the truth. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Thanks for the comment.