Friday, August 22, 2008

My twenty week journey back to Perfect Health "THE SUPER CHALLENGE"

Week 3 Day 5

What's going on in my head?

I don't know but it hurts like heck. Woke up this morning feeling very stiff and sore with a major head/neck ache and spasm'd shoulders. Didn't sleep well and was up half the night.

So evaluation time. Do I, knowing that I have a planned training resistance session, bite the bullet and go ahead and do it. Or... do I listen to my body and get real. This is where a line gets drawn between discipline and stupid.

My decision. Even with medication I am moving around fairly gently so I am not going to do the session now. I'll wait to see how I feel this afternoon and may do it then...if not I will do it tomorrow.

Experiencing a large amount of physical trauma not that long ago I must expect that there will be days like this. I'm certain that Carlos would agree that to listen to my body is the wise thing to do.

I am sure that many of you have this experience and you have to be honest with yourself about your pain threshold and your ability to exercise within that pain. Listen to your intuitive self for the answer and DO NOT overide it. Your intuition is very powerful and you have been given that gift for a reason.

Be honest but remember the dividing line between DISCIPLINE and DUMB is very thin.


Big reveal of eating plans next week


Honestly evaluate how you feel on any given day if you have experienced trauma but don't ever use it as an excuse to bale on a session.


Carlos said...

I am in agreement.
When discipline is combined with wisdom the outcome is almost always positive although at first glance
it may not seem to be. It is actually the short cut to the realization of our goals.

Inexperience combined with enthusiasm with a result of overextension will actually delay the acquisition of our goals.

We should never confuse unchecked enthusiasm for commitment.

dougal said...

Carlos, as usual you have articulated your view so much more eloquently than I could have. Thank you Coach.