Monday, August 4, 2008

My fifteen week journey back to Perfect Health "THE SUPER CHALLENGE"

Week one Day 1

The big day has arrived. I said that something BIG was happening and here it is.

I, through, Adam Waters, and the Shreddersphere, was extremely fortunate to make contact with Carlos DeJesus, a world Champion Natural bodybuilder, medical therapist and personal trainer.

Because of my uncertainty about my Rehabilitation since my accident and Carlos’s reputation and qualifications as a renowned medical therapist as well as the obvious fact that he has the reached the pinnacle in competition as a ‘natural’ bodybuilder, I communicated with Carlos and asked he would be willing to give me some direction, ‘ a way back to perfect health if you will’.

As is Carlos he went way beyond that and I am extremely proud to be able to say that he is now my coach, mentor, trainer, and good friend.

What does that have to do with ‘BIG NEWS’

Thanks again to my good friend Adam Waters and the reinforcement of the accountability ‘principle’ I am thrilled to announce that Carlos and I from today are undertaking a 15 week ‘SUPERCHALLENGE’.

From near death, to perfect health and beyond in 15 weeks, if you will.

The blog will include our ‘thoughts’, philospophical viewpoints, helpful information, training methods, nutritional principles and my eating plan that we believe will be helpful to people in situations similar to mine or ordinary people struggling to find their way to health and fitness.

The really BIG NEWS is that at the end of these 15 weeks the compiled information will be the BOOK that you Shredders have been encouraging me to write all these months!”

The reason for the book is obvious. Many, many people are finding it difficult or just flatout have no idea about health and fitness. This book will be a unique approach on one’s mans journey to ‘hell and back’ and the man who helped him get back to perfect health. A how to based on principles and not specifics. Mental attitude, what approach to take, goals etc.

This book will be for people like me who have had any kind of life threatening life shake up, from accidents to attempted suicide to serious depression and how to get back to top condition. It will also be for people who are just having trouble with the principles of health and fitness.

So, starting today, I begin my journey back to being the absolute best I can be. Tomorrow I will outline my goals and action steps, my eating and my training.

From Carlos. The unique approach of the book is the Therapeutic Model that Dougal will be using. Dougal's story is different because it begins with a Therapeutic Model to deal with the many different challenges of Recovery to full function and then beyond.

A final thought: to really be effective there needs to be a brutally accurate description of how you are really feeling on a daily basis and why. Because this is what real world people in similar situations want to know about. A “good day” needs an explanation as to why it’s “good”. How does someone who is recovering from a major injury and surgery think, and feel, and why? In this case, Dougal. This will offer insights into the person, the thinking, the philosophy of Dougal and why you are a success and why others are not, and how you can help them become more of a success through how they think. How do you bounce back when bad things happen? This as much as anything is going to be an important part of the book. Your story. Part of your success story is how you have found help and support from various sources. (Me, The Shredders, etc.) and their role in your success.

Where do you fit in? You have all given me so much support and you will be part of this so...I ask all of you for your support during this journey, which is NOT going to be a walk in the park. All the shredders I know and those who just read the blog, please visit regularly and MAKE comments that will spur me on to greater things. You may even get a mention in the book – if you are a regular commenter.

Thank you for all your support up to this point. What a ride it’s going to be.

And Adam, thank you, for it it wasn't for your amazing work, I would probably still be looking for a way to "be accountable" on a large scale. You my friend are a pioneer with great vision. I hope you'll be one of the contributors in the 'book'


Marbella said...

Dougal, am so pleased and so proud of you being so courageous to attempt such a makeover! I do know you have it in you to do so, and will be here to watch you do it. I don´t know Carlos as well as you, but he seems like a perfect person in a perfect setup to help you. Tell me if there is anything I can do for you. You are right...this is HUGE!

dougal said...

Lynda. Number one again, you are.
The first comment on this monumental journey of mine..thank you so much. What can you do? just be part of this with me and keep encouraging, you do it so well. THANK YOU.

kylepalm13 said...

good luck dougs, will be watching this space!

Ron said...

Hi Dougal. Great to know that you are committed to get back even better than before! And that you will be working with one of the best! I'll be following your progress and cheering you on.

dougal said...

Kyle, thanks bro, hope to be getting a copy of your book when you are done with playing rugby for the Springboks.

dougal said...

Thank you Ron, really appreciate your support.

Adam Waters said...

That is awesome news Dougal, this will be massive mate, I can feel it! Shred hard brother,

dougal said...

Thank you Adam, I believe that this journey will be one of my defining life moments. Thank you for your input mate.

Michael said...

Dougal, I can speak from personal experience that contact with Carlos is life changing. He has centered me. He has given me increased drive and motivation to WIN. I'm excited for you man.

dougal said...

Hey Michael good to see you brother, Carlos is everywhere doing good stuff. A wonderful human being