Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My fifteen week journey back to Perfect Health "THE SUPER CHALLENGE"

Week 2 day 2

What's going on in my head?

This is where the accountability rubber meets the road. I was up early this morning to train clients and forgot to take a pain pill even though I had a headache. Not too smart.

Fast forward 3 hours, cardio time. I committed to my coach yesterday that I would try a cardio routine of his which sounded fairly daunting. Done.

Fast forward another 3 hours and I've done the cardio, helped a friend who was looking for some inspiration and have just got home to do my post. Do I feel like doing it...NO because now, that early morning headache is a jackhammer the size of the empire state building inside my head.

I have no other time today to do the post and truthfully...my word is more important than my headache. But boy do I hope the medication kicks in soon.


Walking vs. *Ergometer
*An ergometer is a stationary cycle that allows the user to exercise the upper body as well as the lower body muscles simultaneously.

Pro’s Of Walking Column A

1. Calorie burning
2. No special Equipment needed
3. Uses mostly leg muscles
4. No membership to a club needed
5. Set your own schedule (time)

Pro’s Of Using An Ergometer

1. All Of Column A! (Except #2)
2. Uses upper body and arms
3. Eliminates danger of falling
4. Eliminates the danger of being an automobile casualty.
5. Eliminates injury from :
· Weather conditions (inclimate)
· Uneven terrain (hidden holes)
· Road conditions (slippery, gravel-unstable)
· Trauma to feet, knees, and hips

6. If it’s raining, hot or cold you can still use your ergometer.

Here's an interesting 5 minute Cardio workout.
Using an ergometer
Warm Up for 1 minute at about 50 rpm's

After the warm up Go all out for 20 seconds then coast for 10 seconds
Going immediately into an all out for 20 seconds followed by a coast for 10 seconds
that's one minute.
Let me know if you can do a 5 minute All Out- Coast

So, Carlos' challenge was "Let me know if you can do a fiveminute All Out - Coast"

Give it a try if you think it's easy.

Carlos, my friend, for me personally, our commercial gym doesn't have one so I used a stationary bike. Taking into account the fact that my arms were not moving this is a tough workout, if you go flat out. I managed to do it + another 15 minutes of intervals, but yes it works you, no question.


Still working on my perfect nutrition plan from http://www.physiquetransformation.com/ and will have it down soon. Eating super clean in the meantime.


I feel good that I've kept my commitment even though I'm not feeling great and keeping self promises is the best way to boost your self image.

I'm now going to sleep.


Marbella said...

So glad you got in such a great bike cardio workout, but wish you would remember to take your pill. I have an idea! Take those pills with you to the gym, have a stash with you always, and then you won´t have to endue the pain. Take good care of yourself. Remember that you are NĂºmero Uno. And yes, that workout you did is SO HARD. I do say 20 seconds all out, and have to have the rest of the minute to find my breath again. Takea care Mr. Dougal!

Larry said...

Dougal - you are doing so great. Keep at it mate.

dougal said...

Lynda, you are right on the button. I know have a stash at my place, in my car, in the gym and at Karen's house. No more excuses.

Hey Larry thanks man.