Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My fifteen week journey back to Perfect Health "THE SUPER CHALLENGE"

Week 2 day 3

What's going on in my head?

What sets Phelps apart from mere mortals? At 22 he is already a major star and has changed the face of swimming. Even our own Ryk Neethling an olympic gold medal holder at the Athens Olympics has called him a freak.

I think he is a normal kid with enormous talent and THE RIGHT MINDSET. You cannot potentially become the greatest Olympian in history on talent alone.

He keeps his goals on his nightstand and only his coach and he know what they are. Not even his mother knows.

I imagine he is open to and uses every technique available to improving his times and for the last year his every waking and a lot of his sleeping moments are committed to Olympic Gold, lots of them.

Again I think the secret is THE RIGHT MINDSET. The streets are littered with talented people who thought they were to good to work or train hard.

I hope he does it....but, I'd like to see what he does after that. I mean how do you set a goal to eclipse " The best Olympian in history".

Spitz came up with a cute remark when asked how it would be if Phelps won all the gold. His reply was that Phelps would be like "the second man on the moon" if he equalled Spitz record.

If he bettered the record he would would be like " The first man on Mars".

Make no mistake winning at anything, especially your own transformation is SIMPLE but it ain't EASY... and it makes sense to use every tool at your disposal to reach your destination.

Don't limit yourself and end up short of the line. Go find whatever you need to get you to VICTORY.

YOU CAN DO IT, Because you ARE UNIQUE and in God's eyes...... just as talented as Michael Phelps.


Did a make up session because I left my routine at home today but I worked hard and efficiently and felt great afterwards and am really starting to feel good and confident about training. Thank you Carlos


Still working on getting my eating 100% with the Physique Transformation program so will reveal what I'm eating in a day or two.

I am eating very clean in the mean time.


Use whatever tools you have available to be the best you can. Study...the internet is an incredible source of free information. Be careful with what you choose to believe however.
Use your common sense and intuition. Products that claim to put on 30lbs of muscle or help you lose 30 lbs of fat in 30 days are quite obviously garbage.

If it were that easy we would all be photo models.

Be the best that YOU can be.


Marbella said...

Hi Dougal,
I once did that what you are using to get the carbs/protein in alignment? You have a diet in place, and use the PT to keep it in place? I did his plan, and found that gained so fast with the high carbs, but maybe you are not doing the same thing. Loved your blog today. Phelps is really something, isn´t he?

dougal said...

Phelps is a phenom Lynda. Good for him. PT is a very technical scientific way of monitoring your eating correctly. It works on stabilising your metabolism first and then going onto fat burning. I am really impressed with the science behind it.