Saturday, August 9, 2008

My fifteen week journey back to Perfect Health "THE SUPER CHALLENGE"

Week 1 Day 5

What's going on in my head?

I was reading an article that really resonated with me and I know that my coach and good friend Carlos DeJesus will subscribe to this but the 'truth' about health and fitness and getting into shape is the following

' Getting into shape and staying that way is NOT about what your magical training program looks like. It is NOT about your super fantastic low blah blah eating program. It is NOT about your incredible home multi station gym with TV at each station.

It IS about your mindset. Think about it. To get the best results you need to be visualising an outcome. You need to be training with intensity and you need to be precise with what you stick in your mouth. You need goals and you need daily action steps.

If you do not have the 'RIGHT MINDSET' at the get go and if you can't find ways to make it more powerful each day you might as well stay right there on the coach and shout for someone to bring you another cold one along with the Nachos. Well at least you're watching sport right.

That is your starting point. A burning desire to achieve your goal that leads to the 'will to want to'. Once you have that all powerful mindset firmly in can't help but succeed.


Mon, wed, fri, repeat for resistance training. The 3 x 3 protocal (3 seconds positive, 3 seconds negative) is just awesome. For one it helps you feel out your body, and focus on the muscle you are trying to exercise, which of course is critical to continued sculpting and secondly time under load is something not many people know about. You might want to Google the subject and see what you come up with. It is an important part of any resistance training.

As Carlos alluded to the other day, pushing a weight upwards flat out and then letting gravity just about smash your sternum on the way down is an easy way to end your career as a bodybuilder. I am not kidding when I tell you that people have been killed this way in the gym.

Progress is ALL about periodisation and CORRECT form and ALL lifters can learn from experienced people like CARLOS. I know I certainly am.


Meal 1 Protein/banana/skim milk smoothy (5am)

Meal 2 Protein/skim milk shake, Jungle oats + apple chopped in

Meal 3 Protein/skim milk shake + 1 apple

Meal 4 Tub FF cottage cheese + tub low fat flavoured yoghurt

Meal 5 Protein/skim milk shake

Meal 6 BBQ grilled chicken + 2 different salads + 2 small baked potatos
(Went to dinner with friends so I had no choice with food.)

Looking at my nutrition it would seem that I am consuming a lot of shakes. This is true and I am not getting maximum thermic effect. I need to be more careful with my planning and not use (on the run) as an excuse.


I am feeling that I'm really getting on top of things. I am feeling very confident about my ability to achieve my goals and that may be due to my "many times a day" affirmations which help me to change my attitude to limiting beliefs.

I find that I am moving slower than I used to, more deliberate almost and my experience tells me that, that part of my body language is due to a change of attitude regarding life. I used to do everything on the run. Now I'm taking time to "look" at things as I walk, to appreciate things, to observe people, to stop and greet people, to do something nice for someone and all of this is only one of the POSITIVE outcomes following my accident.

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, please, enjoy yours.


Larry said...

Hey Dougal,
You have a strong sense of confidence exuding through this post. It is inspiring.

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. Glad to hear you are enjoying yours.

dougal said...

Thanks Larry, appreciate your comments. You are a great support

Michael said...

Dougal, you are doing so well. Your confidence is showing through. I'm proud of you for doing this. You are definitely a strong person!

dougal said...

Ahh Michael, thank you brother, but your support helps a lot

Marbella said...

Just now got to drop by and check out your day. Am learning thru you too, so appreciate your tips on how you´re doing all those exercises. The best thing I can see about you now Dougal, is that you are so appreciative of everything. You love each moment, each person, each plan. It´s all in your attitude, and with what you have you´ll have nothing but success.