Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My twenty week journey back to Perfect Health "THE SUPER CHALLENGE"

Week 4 Day 3

What's going on in my head?

All I know is that life is FANTASTIC. Why because that's what I 've decided. Everything in life is a choice. Take responsibility for everything that happens in your life and make smart choices.

So..I decided long ago that life for me would be made from a rich tapestry of diverse and interesting things. So it has proved. It's that simple.

Your attitude really does determine where you are in life and if you want to be happy and you're not, it's as simple as changing your attitude. Refresh your head, or reboot your mental harddrive with positive happy software.

Your friends and family will love you sooo much more.


Well at last you will be able to see what I'm doing with my eating.
Meal 1 Protein shake (early)
Meal 2 Protein shake/1 cup uncooked oats/small tub ff flavoured yoghurt
Meal 3 Tuna fish/large baked potato/large mixed salad
Meal 4 Tub low fat cottage cheese/small tub ff flavoured yoghurt
Meal 5 Chicken breast/1 cup basmati rice/2 cups steamed veg/1 tbspn olive oil

The nutritional make up is 1944 calories and 29 Pr/56 Carb/15 Fat % breakdown

I've increased my cal intake by 200 per day, each week and I need to work up to 3000 per day before my metab is stabilised enough to start fat burning. My percentages will obviously change as I go.

Sounds complicated but I have this very clever software working out all the ratios for me as I go.

So...I'll give you more information as I go along and let you know what's happening to my weight and body fat.


Another great session this morning. My attitude going in was perfect and I was ready to work hard. I love being in the gym and I absolutely love weight training.


Mike Groom said...

Dougal your post today reflects exactly how I feel about life and working out! Great minds must think alike :)

Larry said...

Hey Dougal - are you useing Physique software? It's pretty good. I've tried it a couple of times and do well in the ramp up of the calories. Then they cut your fat intake to 10% in the shredding and I can't make the numbers work to get an "A" for the day. I'll be interested in seeing how you do.

You are doing great mate. Shred On!

dougal said...

Hey Mike, It would be an honour for me if you think that my mind works like are a great guy.

How are ya Larry? Yep you got it. I've got many weeks of conditioning to go but I'm really excited and I trust it 100%.

juli gets happy said...

Hey Dougal,

I fully agree with you: It is always a choice how one feels...or at least in most cases. I agree: Life is fantastic.

I love your attitude, ;-)...and I love your menu, you are a good cook, your partner (Karen?) might be very happy.

Enjoy your evening,


dougal said...

Thank you Juli, and you enjoy your evening as well.

Shari Kraft said...

I did the Physique Transformation thing about a year ago. It's a really great program. The conditioning makes me crazy. I lost 20 lbs last summer before my son's wedding. Never got back to it because of the Conditioning! I really had no problems getting A's. I'd be glad to help if you need it.

dougal said...

Hi Shari, thank you for the offer I'll certainly take you up on it if I'm struggling, I've got 10WEEKS of conditioning...ouch. My metab really got messed up after my accident. I'm averaging about 93% right now.

Margaret2007 said...

So, did I steal this quote from you? Can't remember where I found it recently, but you're epitomizing the fact that:

"Uncommon Achievers Do Daily What Common Men Do Occasionally."

Some might look at the daily "grind" of a healthy life, but you look at is the daily blessings of your life...I'm with ya!

All the best....

Marbella said...

Hi Dougal,
Loved, loved your blog today. When I came to Spain, leaving my family back in Texas, I decided to be happy. A decision made in cement, and it´s been true for me all these years. I have no patience for those who rant and rave over small stuff, when they can be content with just a little effort. It´s all in the head. Paradise for those who want it.

When I was on PT, I got all´s a trick of copying from the menu of the day before. Thanx for showing us your menu. BUT, you need to eat more greens (I didn´t say smoothie :-)Am so into that now and know the importance in that and good health. I DO want you to be healthy and happy, and you NEED more greens. Well, think about it maybe.

dougal said...

Lynda, OK Mom, I'll eat more greens. really I will.

dougal said...

Margaret, absolutely spot on. Find a way to turn the grind stuff into a game, then it's easy

Juan said...

Thank you Dougal,
Your story and post today speak truly to my soul and give me inspiration. I've been sort of in a weak spot mentally and I agree with you in saying that everything in life is a choice, including attitude.


dougal said...

Juan, thanks for visiting...It's a pleasure. I'm so glad that something I said sparked something in you that may change yhour life. That's why I do it.