Saturday, August 23, 2008

My twenty week journey back to perfect health - ' THE SUPER CHALLENGE'

Week 3 Day 5

What's going on in my head?

Woke up this morning feeling a whole lot better today and headed off to the gym. Had a fantastic training session and that has set me up for a brilliant day. A beautiful sunny day in South Africa and the second last day off the Olympics. Which brings to mind this thought. What do Olympians do when their race is run and the curtain falls on technically the most advanced games ever.

Hmmm....some will take a break and then carry on training. Some will re set or set new 4 year goals and some...will give up the sport they were so talented at and spend time mending a broken heart. It is so sad to think of, say a hammer thrower who one step away from glory throws the hammer into the cage. Or in the case of our own Nhlapo a talented young BMX rider one fall and that's the end for him.. Years of intense training with no social life gone.

Probably some let loose and go on a year long party...the release from training just too much to resist.

We...normal mortals need to guard against that let down or anticlimax of reaching our goals. That is why so many people do not included, the condition attained whilst doing a body for life challenge.

So that is why we need to work on making health and fitness a lifestyle as Adam Waters has done and not a competition. There is no end in site with the competition of life, we should embrace the life we have and be the best we can possibly be.


As per during the week, three excellent session done. Happy.


Big reveal coming next week.


Our Life journey is about being the best you can be for yourself ...competing with can never win the game of competing against someone else. Let's leave that to those magnificent Olympians.

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