Thursday, August 28, 2008

My twenty week journey back to Perfect Health "THE SUPER CHALLENGE"

Week Four Day 4

What's going on in my head?

Patience. For experienced trainers the gift of patience is compulsory.

Once a beginner lifter has moved past the rosy glow of super quick muscle growth..which does happen, and starts believing he could beat Ronnie Coleman into 1st spot at the 'OLYMPIA', he moves into the category of 'experienced'. Once that happens patience as a quality is probably on par with other attributes such as commitment and intensity and persistance.

Muscle growth is not as easy as people believe it is. It takes years of hard work and huge consistent effort. That's why it is such a valuable prize, as opposed to your average 'juicer' who is pretty large...if he's lucky, after a couple of steroid cycles. Once you've built the muscle honestly and you keep training, it's yours to keep. Start juicing and any growth you achieve is GONE once you stop, and face it, you cannot spike forever.

A final word...the primary side effect of steroid useage is....PREMATURE DEATH.

Hardly worth it, is it guys?

Which brings me onto the subject of women and muscles. Most of my female clients express major discomfort when they learn they are going to be training with heavy weights. "But I don't want to get all muscular" You won't, the laws of physiology prohibit it. You don't make enough testosterone, well the majority of you anyway. So if your trainer is asking you to lift heavy weights, it's THE BEST WAY TO LOSE BODY FAT, which is most womens primary objective.


Day Off


Same basic composition as yesterday.


I'm would take poison on Carlos DeJesus, a World Champion Natural Bodybuilder (no steroids) agreeing with me 100% on todays topic.


Carlos said...


I am the proverbial "overnight" success. If you don't mind your nights being about 22 years!
From the day I began at age 16 until I won the Drug-Free, Natural-For-Life (as the trophy says)World Championships at 38 that's exactly what it took for me. And I had no idea that I would live to be thrilled about making that quality choice- Oh there was pressure from peers and those who graced the Muscle Magazine covers, but many of those are either prematurely gone or are suffering for their poor choices. Yes you are right when they "juice" those muscles don't really belong to them- they really belong to the pharmaceutical companies, and the dirty trick they play is that you don't get to keep the strength and muscle mass that they give.
So the only sane choice is to Earn what we get.

dougal said...

Thank you Carlos for your comment. I'm certain it will be of enormous inspiration to readers. Juice is NOT an option.

Marbella said...

Your blog about Patience is so on for today. I, for one, don´t have a smidgeon of patience, and what I want I want it now. But, I do see that the journey is also fun, also gratifying. The day I do lose this weight, and find myself toned, will be a FIESTA day, but until then, this is happiness. This is life, and something the we each make for ourselves.

Carlos, you are to be admired for getting to your stage in life. Not easy, but oh so admirable!

dougal said...

Patience Lynda is something you are forced into with any long term project. Finishing what you start is crucial to any future success.

Carlos is an inspiration isn't he.

Buffedstuff said...

Dougal,The reason most women will not lift heavy and hard is because they have seen women on steroids who lift and they attribute that to pumping iron and not the steroids.

They are afraid of looking like men. I guess I am that big burly
woman that they were warned about.
Thanks for a great read, hopefully the ladies in the house, that are afraid of weights will start listening.

Building the muscle is hard work.

dougal said...

Buffed..right on the money. Hopefully they will start listening. There is no such word as toned. It was created by the industry to make women comfortable with lifting.