Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My fifteen week journey back to Perfect Health "THE SUPER CHALLENGE"

" Oh this is so cool, what an amazing machine "
" OweeOweeeOwee, this is BURNING my quads"

"This machine is amazing"
Week one day 2
When I awoke yesterday morning, I had a feeling of exitement deep inside of me. I wondered what it was and then remembered 'today was day 1 of my superchallenge' Immediately I went to the kitchen and blended a protein powder, banana smoothie. That was part of my planning the night before. The keeping of comittment had begun.

I intend to have a smoothie every morning on waking up, which is usually around 5am. (I believe that meal to be critically important in setting the tone for the day.) Used to be 4.15am to work with a client but I've decided to give myself a break. Something my accident has taught is no 1, the money I earn for that session is not worth the stress it causes during the day in fatigue terms.

No 2, slowing down is NOT a bad thing. It certainly extends daily energy levels and 5am ish is not exactly the middle of the day.

What I have found though is that if I don't take pain medication on rising I normally really feel it around 10am. If you have pain medication use it...Doesn't mean you are a drug addict, no noddy badges for bravery here.
Emotionally I had a great day. I've found that I really can choose what kind of day I want to have. Over years of understanding that it IS my CHOICE and having real faith that things will work out I know that even the worst kind of situation, like the one I had will eventually work out in a positive way.

I personally believe that God has already given me everything I need for successful happy living with abundance and my faith in that has proved it so often I don't doubt for a second any more.
The coach, originally started my rehabilitation off at an absolute base therapeutic level...stretching and flexibility.

Since I had been doing that for some time I felt comfortable getting back into my training at the first level of resistance training that Carlos has prescribed before my final surgery which with one exception.

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that my baby arrived on friday and yesterday was my first session with "The Quad Blaster" A brutal machine designed to build bulk and cut your legs into awesome shape. Since I cannot load weight onto my shoulders this is exactly what I need. To give you some idea of what I'm talking about here are a couple of pictures of one of my clients at work with this very smart, simple but effective design by Carlos himself.

My session went like this:
1 set Quad Blaster (body weight)
1 set Hyper extensions (body weight)
Calf raises (10kg)
BB Bench Press (Olympic Bar)
Lat Pull downs 35kgs
DB Shoulder Press 7kgs each hand
DB Bicep curls 7kgs each hand
Tricep push downs 35kgs
DB shrugs 14kgs each hand
Swiss ball crunches Body weight
Hanging leg raises Bodyweight
Pretty impressive huh! hehehe. Well I gotta start somewhere.
Meal 1 Banana/Protein smoothie
Meal 2 Banana/Protein smoothie
Meal 3 Tub low fat cottage cheese/Low fat flavoured Yoghurt
Meal 4 Dried beef/large plate steamed vegetables
Meal 5 Protein/low fat milk/ shake
My day didn't go according to plan and I found myself throwing too many shakes down my throat. Now whilst that is better than nothing I would rather eat solid food for the thermic effect....so day 1, I reminded myself that I need to plan ahead and cook and pack the night before. My training was great for now
and my emotional state was excellent.

Day One done, see you tomorrow for day two, when I will post my first pics including specific quad pics so that I can see over time the change in my legs. Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Dougal, this is so exciting! my post from yesterday was about enthusiasm...a must read. you surely have the enthusiasm needed to get the job done!

dougal said...

Suzette, on my way over to your site right now. Thanks for the heads up.

Marbella said...

Loved seeing your gym again, and you standing there ready to rip those exercises off. So now you have a quadbuster too? I´m always gooing over Adam´s legs, and just realized that it´s all due to that! Now you´ll have those legs too. Glad to see you are having smoothies...my favorite thing at the moment. You need to add in some green and you´ll see a big difference. Keep it going Dougal. This is your time. Your moment.