Monday, August 11, 2008

My fifteen week journey back to Perfect Health "THE SUPER CHALLENGE"

Week 2 Day 1

What's going on in my head?

I have just had tea with a client of mine who is taking some time off from training and she was interested to know about how I started my, successful, Property investment business. At the end of my story she told me how uplifted and motivated she felt and what an inspiring story it was and I suddenly realised that each of us have a story to tell that can lift the spirits of others. We can all offer something to others which in turn lifts your own mood. It's a wonderful way to start and move through your day and best of's absolutely free.

Giving uncondionally to others with love is the ONLY way to feed your soul and without feeding your soul, you will NEVER be happy.


Had a fabulous training session today...really felt on top of things.

I have moved back into phase two of my rehabilitation by doing one set of multiple exercises with the 3 x 3 cadence for the same body parts including using the 'Quad Blaster' which now strikes terror in my gym. Everybody gives it a wide berth when they walk in. One of my clients nearly had to cancel his golf game because he was having trouble walking after a set or two. I'm doing full body workouts. (Tip from Carlos..if you try the 3 x 3 cadence a metronome is great for keeping time.)

I will list exercises and amount of weight on wednesday.


Although I'm eating very clean I've decided to head back to Physique Transformation for my eating strategy. I was using it before I had my accident and have great faith in it.

So again I'll list my eating plan once I've got it sorted.


I am feeling so much love and gratitude for everything and everybody right now but the main thing is that I'm acting on it. I am finding that the more energy I give to others the more I have. My heart is filled with gratitude and BIG UP to my Creator for guiding me to the only way to complete happiness as far as I'm concerned.

Especially a heartfelt thanks to Carlos DeJesus at for everything he is doing for me. This man is a Champion in many more ways than just one, a World Champion.


Marbella said...

So relieved that your life is on the UP. Good going finding the right road to follow.

Now a question: what is it that Carlos deJesús is doing? Is he coaching you? Is he emailing with what is best for your to do? Are you reading a book of his and following it? Is he camped out on your back step helping out?

For the rest of us who DONT have a Carlos in our lives, it´s interesting to see what we are missing. I see that Michael, and Mike have also found the Carlos Silver Bullet. He sounds to be almost miraculous!


Andrew said...

Hey Dougal,

Wow what a Challenge you have set yourself, you are certainly thinking big now but I have no doubts that you will reach your goal and probably surpass it.

Do take care and continue enjoying life as you obviously are.

Take care,


Michael said...

Unconditional love is a topic that is near and dear to my heart these days. It is something so many talk about and so few do anything about. If only people would take the lead soon others would follow and the world would begin to change for the better. I often think, as I read all the blogs, about what a wide range of countries are represented through the Shreddersphere. It is simply amazing. Very motivational post today my friend. I loved it. The Quad Blaster is quite the beast!

dougal said...

Lynda Hi, I wish Carlos was camped out at my place but sadly not. No Carlos and I are in daily contact about how I'm feeling and what form my training should be taking. He is my coach.

Andrew, yup reaching a little further than you think you can is the way to achieve yes?

Michael, we're on the same page Brother. Thank you for your comments.