Thursday, August 21, 2008

My twenty week journey back to Perfect Health "THE SUPER CHALLENGE"

Week 3 Day 4

What's going on in my head?

These next 9 weeks need ultimate discipline from me because I'm unlikely to see any results in terms of body fact I may even put on a few pounds. The reason for that is 'metabolism stabilisation'. In other words, preparing my body for fat loss.

Now, will I be able to discipline myself to eat more clean food than I've ever eaten before for 9 weeks with no discernable difference.

That depends on how badly I want my to achieve my goal and how much do I trust the nutrition program. First off, if I don't trust the nutrition program I shouldn't be doing it and second YES I want my goal badly enough to make any sacrifice to get there. Unlike Carlos however I would probably stop somewhat short of dying to achieve my goal. Perfect health would work for me.

I am looking very positively at the way I'm eating in that it is going to get me back to full strength and beyond much more safely. As Carlos has said, with the training I am doing once I stop improving each session either with weight or number of reps, I am overtraining.

I believe in another 9 weeks I will be stronger than ever before. In another 17 weeks I believe I will look better than ever beofore AND be more healthy. For that to happen I need to get to
7-8% body fat and I believe with all my heart that I will achieve this.

Remember, I'm not only doing this for me. I represent all those who have encountered a near death experience and resultant very serious injuries and all those who have all but given up on life. I will prove that health and fitness allows you a very good standard of LIFE even with limitations.

The pont of all this is to assert that my motivation reflects my discipline in any endeavour. I always have to keep my focus on the "WHY" not the how. It is the why that gets me to my goal. It was the why that got Carlos DeJesus to the pinnacle of success... the Natural World Bodybuilding Champion.

When things get tough and they always do, we need to remind ourselves 'why' we are doing something. I mean, we've all heard someone say "Remind me again why I'm doing this." The reason that is said, is because we get to a point where what we are putting in doesn't seem worth the effort until we ask the question.

If the answer to that question is powerful enough the discipline required to follow through is continued.

In my instance, I am doing what I'm doing.... obviously to rehabilitate myself from serious injury.... but more so to be of service to others. To be able to say to people through my writing and my lifestyle " Your life is far from over" you still have so much left to give, to do, so many reasons to live. I'd like people to pay forward what I'm crusade with me for a lifestyle of health and fitness. For us all to be revolutionaries.

When I read that paragraph back to myself, I get so excited about what I'm doing I don't need much discipline to keep doing what I have to, to get past the rare down times that I have, and therein lies the secret of discipline.

The WHY makes the HOW so much more bearable and the will to win is so much more powerful, that it is not even a question.



Since I'm not doing cardio right now, I am only training three days a week. It feels a little weird but that's my plan.


Next week I'll post a full days eating so you get some idea of what my nutrition plan looks like.


Discipline is needed to get you over the finish line, but a powerful WHY is what gets you off the start.



Margaret2007 said...

Well-said Dougal! I am in TOTAL agreement with you and can see that this wave of positive activity can wash over so many people if each of us takes responsibility for our oar!

My trainer has me cutting back on a resistance session per week and that felt so foreign to me. But, I look at her and what she's done with her body and am trusting the process...We learn something new each day if we're willing to be taught.

Wonderful post and I look forward to next week's rundown of your nutrition...

All the best,

Shari Kraft said...

I believe in you. :)

Marbella said...

Your ideas on why and how really make me want you to get to your goal, as truly you do deserve it so much. One of these days you´ll look back and be so proud of that why and how. All I´m worried about is that PT. Sure hope you make me wrong on that one.

dougal said...

Thanks Margaret, putting your trust in someone takes courage but if you are going to do it properly like your comment said.

Thank you Shari, I appreciate that.

Lynda, I guarantee I'll make you wrong. The science is all there.