Sunday, August 10, 2008

My fifteen week journey back to perfect health - ' THE SUPER CHALLENGE'

Week 1 - Day 7

Sunday today and for me it will be a rest day. From training from clean eating from thinking.

What do I eat on a rest day?

  1. Breakfast Cup of herbal tea and 2 spicy buns
  2. Lunch Escargot as a starter and King Prawns as a main dish at wonderful Portuguese restaurant not far from my girl's home
  3. Mid pm Bowl of ice cream and nuts
  4. Dinner Pasta dish

Have a wonderful weekend.

Summary of Week 1

Very happy with the way it went. Trained very well, and ate super clean apart from the lack of variety. Week 1 gone.


Marbella said...

Congrats on your first super week. Knew you could do it and so glad that it´s going well. Your menu sounded superb! Good luck in your next week.

Michael said...

Dougal, congrats on 1 week down!

dougal said...

Thanks guys it went well. Great food Lynda. Maybe next week some Paella. 1 week down 14 to go.