Monday, June 1, 2009

M1 | Day 71 and CONTEST | Day 29

How on earth did THAT happen....?

Headed for the gym this morning to crank out my session feeling like I was going to blow the place apart...I mean I was..on fire.

Headed in the front door, said hello to the front desk staff

and headed for the change room. My training partner and I headed upstairs talking up this training session into the biggest, meanest, most intense, most everything it could possibly be.

Onto the floor we headed for.....Miss Power remember her, my new secret weapon, to warm up.
That's my training partner "Superman" Max with her.

We worked our way through the routine which included 210lbs bench press and a whole lot of other ridiculously heavy weights and walked out of the weight room and hour later pumped to the gills.

We both felt fantastic and I wondered how or rather why I was feeling so incredibly powerful today. I mean I was rock solid out there just killing the weights....and then I remembered...I had seen a pill lying on the floor by the weights section....where the big boys play...I thought,I wonder if this will help me push more weight today....and boy it was unbelievable.

Anyway....I was feeling LARGE so I asked Max to take a pic of me to see if I looked any different...and he actually said I was looking a bit strange.

Do YOU think the PILL worked
- - - - - - - - -


I'm having a fun day....hope you are too...just choose too.

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