Tuesday, June 2, 2009

M1 | Day 72 and CONTEST | Day 30

A story of VICTORY and a message of .......ENCOURAGEMENT

Most of us here are trying to shed fat after years of bad eating, however let's not forget the others...known as 'hardgainers' who are trying to do just the opposite. Build solid muscle...they are already very lean.

I just want to encourage "hardgainers" of which there are a few in the 'Sphere', I know how hard it is to train like crazy, eat clean and seem to grow at snail pace.

Mark walked into the gym in 2003 looking like a stick insect. He was withdrawn, introverted and extremely shy. He wanted to get bigger. What he was really saying was...I want to build my confidence.

I have been training and trained with Mark for about six years now and the way he looks now is as a result of 100% solid training and clean eating.

I have devised many different programes over the years and mostly periodised his training to solely focus on growth. I think I can safely say we achieved that in a big way.

He has changed beyond imagination. He now has a very important job with a large company and heads up a large team of people. He is very confident and has become a great leader. He walks with a swagger and looks the part of a 'big' guy.

I don't believe, and neither does he, that he would have made these changes had he not got fit,healthy and LARGE.

I do believe that anybody can get there using a consistent plan and the RTP-TS muscle plan I believe is the way.

So if you are one of 'those'.....a hardgainer....take heart because you CAN get to where you want to go. Might take a little while but you're not in it for just 84 days are you?

There is no secret here, just hard work and persitant consistency. NO DRUGS were used in the making of this body.

It's hard to see but the man is large. About 6ft 3in and around 220lbs of solid.

I sincerely hope this encourages those who may be feeling a bit down about their progress.

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