Wednesday, June 10, 2009

M1 | Day 81and CONTEST | Day 39

As a man thinketh

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.

Is that statement important to us? I believe it's the most important fundamental we have in personal development.

Everything we have, do or are is, developed out of that statement.

What I am is because of what I think.

A man's self worth is developed out of what he THINKS it is.

Everyday statements contain the word....hmmm, 'I think I'll have fish for dinner' or 'I think we should go to the movies tonight, what do you think?

So how important is it in everyday life.

If we run into a problem such as the one I had yesterday....If I didn't think about a solution I would just sit around not knowing what to do.

If I don't feel like going to gym how do I get myself to a position where I not only end up there but have the best session ever. It's easy to say I don't feel like it and plonk down on the couch with a Bud and a packets of lays...fat free of course.

However, if I THINK about it I realise that
  1. I have as responsibility to all my shredder friends
  2. I am going to go backwards
  3. I don't THINK this is the way I want to go.
  4. My shred is going to suffer
  5. My compliance is going to dive
etc, etc.

Everything I am is because of the way I think.

Check this out. ' I'm a man of integrity with a giving heart, wanting to do all I can to help others achieve their fitness goals.' The more I think that the more I believe it, the more it becomes real.

Starts in the mind, then goes to the heart, and when it comes out of your mouth it becomes a real living think.

Thinking is one of the most important skills we have, it allows us to be creative, it allows us to achieve, and it allows us to be whatever we want to be.

PRACTICE THINKING with AWARENESS all the time in any situation and as your skill improves so will your life and you will be able to instantly avoid situations that may drag you down or allow you to get away with things you know you actually shouldn't do.

Reminds me of an old story of a bank manager who phones a client and says " Mr Smith, I've been examining your account and ...umm, I think you are overdrawn....Mr Smith instantly shoots back " Well when you are sure call me back." and puts down the phone.

and me....I think I'll head of to the gym for the best session I've ever had...and now that I've thought about I KNOW it's going to be the best.

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