Thursday, June 18, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 46


It's 2.30am....I can't sleep, I'm so excited.

I'm so grateful for the gift I've been given. How could I not be. I've been on this planet for a while now and I've seen a few things...I've been through a few things....and I'm still here with the gift intact.

LIFE... in abundance is the gift I'm talking about...LIFE, given to me by my do with what I choose.

For the first time in my tenure on this planet it thrills me to know that I have a calling. It is so fullfilling to know that I know what I'm doing on planet earth and once I discovered what it was, I could stop searching.

It is so exhausting to question yourself continually....There must be more to life than this...what am I doing here....what is this all about, why is life so hard.

The minute I let go of all that and did two things all that changed forever.
  1. Embraced adversity
  2. Willingly became a servant
We are all going to have adversity in our lives....all of us without question and we can choose whether to embrace it and find the positive in it or reject it and see it as a curse and refuse to take responsibility for it. "It's not my fault."

We were not put on planet earth to 'take'. In general terms people who have spent their whole lives amassing great fortunes at the expense of others die very unhappy people.

Once I understood all that...some time ago, it changed the way I looked at life. I started looking for ways to help people...anywhere, people in distress, people who needed a friend, people who needed someone to listen, people who were hurting, people who needed a kind loving word. Not big things.

The more those actions changed those people the happier I became and have continued to become.

Don't get me wrong...I very much like the finer things in life but I have found that the better way to get those things is via the universal law of ' RECIPROCATION '. The unalterable law that says 'whatever you do to others will be returned to you.'

And I have found that the more I give, the more I get back. Generally speaking whatever you are giving out is what is coming back to you and so if you are grumpy and start speaking badly to people, don't be surprised if a few rude people start having a go at you. If you head into the gym saying to yourself "Aaagh, I really don't feel like this today" you are not going to have the greatest session.

Be nice, but be true to yourself. Know when to say no, get your priorities straight. There is a very simple line in the Word of God which says, "Let your no be no and your yes, yes."

Couldn't be more simple could it. Treat others as you would wish others to treat you and let your no be no and your yes yes.

Eureka, that's it. That's the answer. SIMPLICITY...Life only gets tough when we complicate it.

Find yourself by becoming a servant, and taking responsibility for the adversity in your life you'll be forever thankful when you do.


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