Sunday, June 28, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 55

Sweet sweet sunday

After sweet sweet saturday afternoon at the rugby.

This is not gloating, it's just national pride for my beloved Springbok rugby team.

Sport is a very big deal in South Africa and I think that's a good thing...keeps people thinking about health and fitness....well maybe not, but at least they wear their Nike's to jump off the couch and run to the fridge for another beer between penalty kicks.

And so......yesterday afternoon my beloved Springboks gave the touring British and Irish Lions a lesson in snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

I say this all of course because I have big competition here in the sphere, and I mean RUGBY competition. There are my dear friend Saraaaah, and of course Brian Downes rooting for the British and Irish Lions and then over the pond we've got Adam Waters and Sharon watching with interest and Sharon's husband who is a kiwi, because we have the Tri Nations coming up which is a huge clash between the three best teams in the world, the best of which, of course is South Africa, the world champions.

Seriously though, what a game, I mean test rugby at it's finest...a complete war of attrition, where courage of the highest order was shown by the Boks in fighting back from what looked like certain defeat to snatch victory with a long range goal kick at the final whistle....Unbelievable stuff.

Saraaaaaah, Brian...sorry guys, thanks for coming.

Watching the game, obviously I was thinking about my friends over the water but I was also thinking about how the game is NEVER over until it's over. In other words NEVER give up.
All is never lost and we've all GOT to keep pushing and pushing until the very end.

For me personally...I am so hyped about my shred and the idea of being in absolutely peak physical condition, which I am, that I just can't sleep. I mean it's 3.15am and I'm blogging.

Now some might say....obsessed, I say, committed to my mission, and acting like a CHAMPION, because a champion does things daily what ordinary people do occasionally.

And at the end of the day the proof of the pudding is in the eating. At the end of it all, at the end of our mission and upon reflection, before we build a plan for the next mission, our thoughts will not turn to the things that we did that were out of the ordinary but how everything we did was a step towards our goal and not away from it. We thought like Champions, we acted like Champions and ultimately we are CHAMPIONS.

And right now as I sit here reflecting on that marvellous the mighty Springboks, I, am also, a CHAMPION. are YOU.

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