Thursday, June 25, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 52

The day I had my butt kicked

My training partner....also a trainer in my business....and I, walked into the gym today super excited about the training session to come...Little did I know I was about to get my butt kicked.

If you want to know what you are made of, head off into the unknown unexpectedly.

This shouldn't be a factor but firstly the kid is 30 years younger than me and secondly he doesn't have a broken neck....

Now I didn't tell him that we were going to go harder than usual today, because I train with Maximum intensity anyway but he sure told me....all of a sudden the trainer became the trainee...Now I know what it's like to train with a sadistic monster.

First off no sets of ten were allowed, then he increased all the weights that I had set out. So we started, I went first with him following close enough to be able to shout...."LOWER ON THE DEADLIFT DUDE, C'MON ARE YOU A WOOSY OR WHAT."

After the first round of 15 of everything my engine was working at above normal revs and I was puffing a touch...Headed for the bike to rest...."I DON'T THINK SO." I get from behind me..."GET THOSE REVS UP TO OVER 100 AND KEEP THEM THERE, NOW, C'MON, YOU CAN DO THIS, GET THE INTENSITY UP."

And so it was....I got through it working harder than I have before on this part of the program...I nearly coughed up a lung, but I got through it.

While stretching when it was all over, and still breathing very heavily, I worked out that:
  1. Conditioning is relative
  2. Always be increasing your intensity
  3. My old level 10 is now obsolete
  4. I can't go back to what I thought was max
  5. If I think about it too much I get scared about my new max, but you need courage
  6. In a week or two my new max will be my old max
  7. We can ALL, do more than we think we can in everything in life
  8. Getting someone to push you is the BEST way to breakthrough
  9. Just do it
  10. Reflect afterward on WHY you are doing what you are doing
and that will give you the answer as to whether you should forward or stay where you are.

If you are a contest shredder, you need to be aware of the above and go with intensity without thinking about it. FOR NOW

When the contest is done you can re-avaluate your goals but FOR NOW


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