Tuesday, June 9, 2009

M1 | Day 80and CONTEST | Day 38

The day the lights went out......The curve ball was thrown.

At 8.30pm last night the lights went out in my town house....and a whole lot of others as well.
No information was available so.....I went to bed.

I awoke this a.m. and trundled off to do my thing...trained some clients and headed off to my gym to train. Had a super session and arrived at home to do my blog as normal.

Power still down. Phoned the complex manager who told me that the electrician could only come at lunchtime. He further very politely told me that the $100 worth of game meat (fat free source of protein) that I had sitting in the deep freeze would not be his responsibility if it went off.

Being a good Christain boy who does not let anything get under his skin I, with GREAT restraint thanked him for his time and told him that he was a wonderful chap and to please have a good day. I then smashed the phone on the floor and stomped on it for good measure....no I'm kidding I didn't do that at all.

What I did though was use this to my advantage. I phoned my girl and invited her for coffee.
Grabbed my lap top, active sync for my phone/camera downloads and headed for Nino's, a great little coffee shop close to where I live.

Grabbed all my stuff from the car, walked over to Nino's....closed for renovations. OK, phoned my girlfriend, change of plans Babe.

Crossed the road and went to Mimo's an italian restaurant.....closed.

Hmmm, blood pressure is definately rising by this point. Moved on to the "Wimpy Bar"...y now I'm getting desperate and time is marching on. Phoned 'Babe' back...Wimpy, are you serious, what a dump. C'mon Babe, work with me here....she could hear the edge in my voice and said....Ohhhh, Kaaaay. You know how girls do sometimes...C'mon girls you know what I'm talking about.

Got my gear, walked to the Wimpy, settled in and asked where the power point was. Uggh, sorry Sir, no point point.

Grrrrrrr! Phone 'Babe' back, change of plan....Oh thank goodness she said...well at least one of us was happy. I'm going to the next strip mall...I'll call you.

Into the car, drive for 10 minutes, to a great little coffee bar called Sugo's..ahh, they have a table inside..coz, it's freeeezing in Jozi today. Settle in, plug in the computer, order scrambled eggs on rye and an Americano. Phone 'Babe', who's, by now two minutes away. Get ready to work and 'Babe' arrives, bonus...havn't seen her since sunday.

Set the 'puter' aside, food arrives and we settle in to chat. One hour later 'babe' leaves and I pull the 'puter' over to start work .......NO CONNECTIVITY....DOUBLE GRRRRRRRRRR.

Now....this whole process has been going on for some considerable time and at the end of it all, I've actually achieved.....precisely....ZERO, exept for coffe with 'babe'.

Any self respecting individual by now would have said.....'The heck with it....the blog, ain't gonna happen today...I'm so far behind my schedule, I dont have time any more.

Now although I AM a self respecting individual...and although my blood pressure is through the roof....I AM ACCOUNTABLE TO MY FAMILY....IN THE SPHERE.

So, against all the odds...here is my post for today.

What did I learn from all of this.
  2. I can trust myself because I take accountability very seriously
  3. I did not give up
  4. I feel great about the fact that I got it done
  5. I get to give everybody a good laugh about this comedy of unfortunate luck.
  6. I made a plan. I just would not quit.
  7. My self esteeem went up a notch, for perservering.
And as I said...at the very least, I hope you get a laugh out of this, because I have..and..so did 'babe'.



Margaret2007 said...

It must have been something in the air Dougal!!! My Monday was going the same way!!!! I, too, kept my nose to the goal-grindstone and was determined to complete the day successfully...and....I did! Yes, perseverence was key, as was reading my goals & affirmations. My trip to the gym helped minimize the "ARGHHHH" I was feeling too. So happy to fall into bed and end the day last night. I was presented with another pound gone this morning as reward!

Your writing continues to entertain me.

All the best,

dougal said...

Hey Margaret, the lost pound was worth the agravation wasn't it.