Monday, June 8, 2009

M1 | Day 78and CONTEST | Day 36

7 Weeks out.....

In bodybuilding terms, that's where we are. 7 weeks out from contest day.

You've got 7 weeks to do everything you need to do to become a champion. As Carlos says, everything you do is taking you a step towards your goal or a step away from your goals.

For all those contest shredders out obviously entered the contest because you believed you could win... DO YOU STILL BELIEVE THAT.

If you do..and I hope that's all of you....take time today to tighten everything up. Drink enough water every day...make sure your eating plan is spot on. Do every single training session with maximum intensity and visualise winning every day, every night.

When you get into bed each night run over the day and ask yourself whether you stepped up to the plate today and moved forward. Review your PRW's and make sure you are still passionate about the positives and sure that the negatives still drive you.

Champions do each day what ordinary people do occasionally

Do you still believe you are a champion.

Don't let yourself get to the finish line only to say...I could have done better.

I am personally thrilled with my progress on the strength phase of the RTP program.
I benched 100kgs/220lbs today and my strength has increased 20% across all exercises in just a few weeks. Remember only 14 weeks ago I had just had major surgery.

I attribute these phenominal gains to having a young training partner. We push each other into the beyond every time we train and are upping our weights each time.

My eating has been perfect and my compliance 100%....but I am still looking for ways to improve
every single day.

WILL YOU BE CONFIDENT COME GAME the very least, be able to say, I gave everything I have and I have nothing left. Leave everything on the line.

Remember this....THERE IS ONLY ONE WINNER.

Leg shot by special request

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