Thursday, June 4, 2009

M1 | Day 74 and CONTEST | Day 32

Earl Bloom and Frankie...AKA Frank Albert Sinatra

What do they have in common?

Well two things actually.
  1. He is doing things "My Way"
  2. He has an unshakeable belief that he is going to make 'New York, New York' his town.
Earl is an amazing guy. If you want to see how a champion operates then you need to check out his blog.

I am astounded by the amount of work he has put into this on a daily basis and the clarity of thought that is revealed in the content.

I also absolutely love the way he has involved his family....looks like a man of integrity to me and I am a HUGE lover of integrity.

What has any of this to do with us mere mortal shredders.

The reason we are here is because we seek change....personal change, not just for changes sake but lasting life affirming change, permanent change.

We are all sick and tired of the way we look....well I was but I'm quite liking the way I look right now...and we are at a point where we draw the line. This far and no further.

So we search and we search and we try this or that and we have short term success and each monday we start afresh with the hope and expectation and exitement of a kid with his first bicycle. Unfortunately each week we graze our knees when we fall off the bicycle and eventually say.....Agh, the heck with this, I'm not going to diet any more.

Then, one serinedipitous day we happen across one ADAM WATERS and we see in him a shining example of what we want to be. Eureka...that life changing day has finally arrived.

We start RTP with passion and embrace the culture of the 'Sphere' wholeheartedly because somewhere deep inside our Spirit we hear the gentle whisper..."this is what you've been looking for."

Only....Earl Bloom didn't hear that whisper.....he heard a roar like a tsunami coming at him that shouted so loud that he was galvanised into action...MASIVE,MASSIVE action.

And what you see in his blog today is the result of that shouting in his head.

Earl Bloom is a champion....he is a great example of how a 'Transformation' should be approached.

More than that like Frankie...he has done it his way....and...he sincerely believes that New York is imminently about to become....his town.

EARL BLOOM......I salute you inspire me.

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