Monday, June 15, 2009

M1 | Day 84and CONTEST | Day 43

What is the one GREAT FORCE that we ALL NEED?

I happened to be half watching MythBusters last night...they were doing James Bond secret devices.

Now Bond has had some pretty cool stuff over the years but what they were particularly talking about was an electro magnetic watch which could deflect a bullet.

The 'Busters', try as they might could not get the bullet to deviate by flying over a set of magnets until they put a number of humungous magnets down under the bullets flight path and even then....only a slight deviation.

What they said about this, hit me between the eyes like a speeding bullet and really made me sit up and listen.

There is no greater force than M O M E N T U M .

and so, what's that got to do with me.....I can hear you think, as you take another sip of your double thick malted milk to wash down the last of your third chocolate cream eclair leaving flecks of cream and chocolate crumbs all over your chin.......I'm kidding I know that would never be would it.

Well it has everything to do with you...with US, as it happenes.

The program that we are on, Adam's RTP transformation system has a start up cost and I'm not talking shekels, spondulux, filthy lucre..MONEY...I mean, you actually have to do a lot of work to get to grips with everything. Now that's great....but, it mean there is quite a high barrier to entry, as there is with most programs worth their salt.

So, now think of the space shuttle.....It uses an unbelievable amount of energy just getting off the pad. Even more to get it up and through the earths atmosphere. Then what keeps it going. You got it...MOMENTUM.

Just like all of us. We burn a huge amount of effort to take us to the point where we can say...OK, I get it and when we do and we are a little way in.... is it that, that keeps us going... and actually....if we've done the homework properly, it's not all that hard. Well it isn't. If your PRW's are meaningful then MOMENTUM is what keeps you going. That's equivalent to the right fuel and thrust in the rocket.

Now what happens if....the 'VOICE' says...this is not for you..there's got to be an easier way...and you decide to look for something else. Like for the twenty third time.

You have to go through all that MOMENTUM again. Is it worth it.....That's a no brainer isn't it.

So as I hit day 84 of Mission 1...I want to look forward rather than reflecting..At least today anyway.

What will I do now. Well one thing I won't do is waste that momentum....I still have many goals to, I will just keep right on trucking, at least until day 84 of the contest and by then, I assure you I will have a new exciting Mission in mind.

I am not ever going to allow the last 84 days be a waste. I think about people who say, "well let's see how the program goes for you and then we'll climb on board." Don't you think they are now saying, "Why the heck didn't we start with you, look where we'd be."

Once time is gone, it's gone. You can never get it back, and once you get the momentum going...Please don't waste it. You will regret it when you have to start again in 6 months and 20lbs from now.

Mission One complete Captain....
and straight into Mission Two, with hardly a pause for breath...

That's the way I like it.


Margaret2007 said...

Well Done Dougal!!! You've done a great job and I look forward to congratulating you on the next mission completion!


dougal said...

Thank you so much Margaret. Watch this space