Monday, June 22, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 50

Complacency.....has no loyalty

On Saturday the British and Irish Lions played my beloved Springboks, current World Champions.

At the half we were crunching the opposition like there was no tomorrow...however there are 2 test matches left in a 3 match series and after the half with quite some time to play the coach in his infinite wisdom, knowing that we had the game sewn up, excuse me... took off a lot of key players including the captain and substituted them for players...good players, from the bench.

Outcome, we came close to losing the game, because of COMPLACENCY.

The game was won by a long way, so let's cruise for the balance of the game and rest the key players, he thought.


COMPLACENCY will destroy you.

How does that relate to what we are doing here.

You cannot set up your nutrition plan, get your training organised, sort out your gym membership and just pitch up every day. That will not do it for you.

You need to THINK, every day about is what you are eating right, is your training intense enough, is there more that you could be doing and so on.

If you let complacency drift in you will find that over time you are doing things with less and less urgency as days go by until you are so far off the program as to wonder why you are not making progress.

Let me if you an example from your nutrition plan.

Let us assume that you are eating chicken breast for dinner and whole wheat bread for lunch.
You head for the market after work and you have had a rough day and you are tired. They have no skinless, boneless chicken breast so you look around and see hamburger patties, double extra lean....Ahh this'll do so you buy them. They have no wholewheat bread so you buy low GI seed loaf. The next time you buy lean patties and brown bread....and the next time you just buy bread and bad can it be, you think, it's only one meal.

By degrees you don't notice, but over time you are so far off track that no wonder you aren't making progress.

So...don't let complacency hurt your vigilant about everything you do in terms of your health and fitness and you WILL see regular encouraging signs of moving forward every day.

We were lucky on Saturday...we may not be so lucky second time around, but I bet you that the coach will be VERY alert come game day on saturday.


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