Saturday, June 6, 2009

M1 | Day 77and CONTEST | Day 35

Run Forest Run

Remember Forest Gump.

How he ran all over America.

When I watch people in commercial gyms on the treadmill I often wonder if they have goals or if they just get on and run for an hour at the same pace every day without thinking about it.

Do they realise that doing the same thing every day doesn't help much. For a start the human body/mind is extremely sophisticated and adapts and becomes efficient very quickly, so once it understands the routine it doesn't have to adapt any more and then it is literally just routine.

You have to mix up your cardio training enough so as to make it inefficient for your body and difficult to adapt. Different forms of hi intensity cardio training over 20 minutes or so are best for accelerating metobolic rate over a period of time.

Forget about burning calories, heating up the metabolic furnace is what you want to do.

My own training is reaping rewards and I can feel that I'm burning fat every day.

I remember a client of mine who used to jump onto a recumbent bike in the gym and start her routine. I would be training another client on the other side of the gym and I would hear the machine stop. I would walkover to her and ask her why she had stopped....Oh there are dogs crossing the road, she would reply. Everybody in the gym would fall on the floor laughing.

Cardio should be about fun

My own affirmations - "I am getting leaner and stronger all the time and I love eating healthy nutritious food every day."

Enjoy your sunday.

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