Saturday, June 20, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 49


My hand is poised above the paper. The pen within it quivers, a blob of bright blue ink gets ready to drip, unless I apply the pen to the paper and write something.

Got it, I'll write a poem. Inspired by Yeats, and Keats, Browning and Gehrig...oh no sorry he was a baseball player wasn't he, albeit with a tragic story.

Ah yes, Lou Gehrig and "The Babe", hero's of a bygone era, role models for thousands of american kids. There was no TIVO in those days, and what did we know from Gehrig and Ruth, or even baseball for that matter. Here in Africa we played rugby and cricket, which by the way has been called "baseball on valium".

The role models these days are Barry Bonds, the monsters from WWF, giant bodybuilders like multi Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman, and those incredible athletes who spend three weeks at 100% riding 3500kms in the Tour de France.

Isn't it a shame though that that the kids of today revere some of those who have attained glory through illegal means, drugs if you will. Isn't it sad that some major athletes of today pay over a major part of their earnings to their chemist.

The Tour de France is around the corner and billions of people will be passionately watching their hero compete for glory only to have their adoration shattered when this or that superstar tests positive for Anabolic Steroids and is ordered to return his medal.

It's a shame to think that some of those kids themselves will succumb to the lure of the filthy "so called elixer of life", all in the name of narcissism.

Play your part and be a role model to your own children, for isn't it so much better to stand straight and tall, lean and strong one year from now, looking into the mirror, and be able to say. "I'm a natural."

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