Monday, October 22, 2007

Week Eight, Day 1

Big Leg Day

Done and dusted...My training partner is ill today so I've just trained alone. It's quite difficult to adjust your mind to training without the rythm and timing of a partner. Luckily it was LARGE leg day so I knew that if I had to bail at the bottom of a squat I could dump it off my back...can't do that with bench. You'd just end up with a smashed sternum and a weak little voice shouting "Helllllllppppp, hellllllppppp" whilst feeling very embarassed. I've seen it before, it ain't pretty.

I've been more careful to eat more whole food today, sometimes I tend to take the easy way out with protein shakes if I'm back to back and under pressure.

Clients tend not to stress if you're chugging down a shake, kinda shows you walk the talk, but they probably wouldn't appreciate you not being able to spot them on a heavy dumbell bench press because you are smashing chicken breast, couscous and spinach into your face would they, they wouldn't.

So good day at the office, am looking forward to cardio and abs tomorrow.


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