Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week Six, day 7


This is where the rubber really meets the road.

I have really managed to slot into blogging every day and I'm really enjoying it..It has helped me focus on my own journey much more than I could have if there was no record. That accountability thing again.. This is thanks to Adam Waters.

Now that I'm doing that regularly I feel that I want to drill down and fine tune this Journey of mine even further and so I publicly committed to daily goal setting on my blog.

This will help me in that for the last six weeks of my 12 week journey I am forced to be even more focussed than ever before and will give me the best results I can possibly achieve.

I have also decided to write my affirmations publicly each day.

SO: Goals for day 1 of my six week "Fine Tuning plan"

1) I will drink 2 glasses of water as I awake. I will drink a further 2 ltrs during the day.
2) I will drink a 30gm protein shake, eat a cup of jungle oats, a FF flavoured yoghurt and a handful of almonds within 30 minutes of waking up
3) I will eat a protein/carb drink one hour pre training in the afternoon
4) I will train with intensity and focus and concentrate on each rep as I do it.
5) I will drink a protein shake pre bed.
6) I will do something today that will make someone else's life better.

Right that's it for Monday.

If you have any comments, constructive criticism, suggestions please let me know. It might look a little cumbersome but it is day 1 after all.

I have tended to focus on the things that are important to me personally.


I am lean and muscular and getting more so each and every day.
I love eating healthy and nutritious food and do so regularly every day
I am so grateful for everything in my life and embrace adversity, it makes me stronger.

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