Thursday, October 18, 2007

Week Seven, day 4

Discipline is a great tool to feel FANTASTIC about yourself.

What I mean is this. My back was a touch dodgy yesterday (my own fault) and I was contemplating giving my cardio a miss.....then I remembered you guys out there to whom I made a massive committment.

Looked out the window and it was a grey coldish day with rain bucketing down. The little voice could hurt your back further..then what.

Well, suffice to say I ignored the voice, ran out into the bucketing rain and drove to the gym where soaking wet I sidled into the weight room and got stuck into my ab workout. A little gingerly at first, then moving into full range feeling no pain.

From abs to cardio where I got stuck into a full blown mind bending session.

I walked out of the gym feeling FANTASTIC, who cares if I got wet, I kept my committment to all of you...not foolishly, I was careful.... and, my back is 100%.

Tomorrow 5 x 5 sets - upper body whooo hooo, can't wait

My Goal for tomorrow

Bench 5 sets of 5 without a spot with 100kgs.


I get stronger every day by training with passion and eating regular healthy meals.

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