Friday, October 12, 2007

Week Six, day 5

I've just had an idea sparked by 217 day journey, to make me even more accountable. Thank you.

From Week seven, day 1, I'm going to log daily goals for eating, training, drinking and mental attitude. I think drilling down will really focus me on the second half of my 12 week challenge.
So, it's down on paper...well, so to speak, so please hold me accountable, and challenge me if you don't like what you see.

I'm going to call it "Fine tuning - 6 weeks"

Have just finished my leg session today which was really tough but I enjoyed it hugely.

I'm sucking down my meal replacement 42 gms protein, 3 gms fat, 23 gms carbs...good healthy food to replace everything I've lost through training. Tastes really good as well.

I train with glutamine and take creatine before training as well. Other suplements ...none, zip, nada.
Looking forward to cardio tomorrow with a good tough ab session thrown in.
Let you know how it goes.

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