Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Week five, day 1

Say what?

Week five day 1, wow. It just struck me how quickly time goes by . Into week five for me almost doesn't seem possible. Has it been tough for me. NO. Why?

Well I guess that's down to the amazing Adam Waters. Not only has he found the secret but he has been generous enough to share it...for free...unusual these days.

It's a one step strategy. Become completely accountable to as many people as possible. It's that simple.

The more people you tell what you're doing, IN DETAIL, the more resposible you become for your own wellbeing. If you have integrity that is.

I mean, it's easy to tell someone, even on a blog, how great things are going if you're a liar. "Oh things are brilliant, I'm making gains and eating great" is easy to say if no-one can see you sticking black forest cake down your gullet every day.

However if you have integrity and lying is not part of who you are, it's a doddle.

All this leads to my admission that I had a piece of cheese cake last night...deliberately. How so? I hear you ask. Well it was my birthday and my friends at the gym bought me the cake. I am not a rude person so I had to figure out the best time to eat a slice.

Now I do not advocate this strategy normally but this was an exception. If there was one time when you could load up on high GI, simplex carbs this would be it.

So, following another mind numbing training session I chugged down my 40 gms of protein and downed a medium slice of cheese cake. I'm happy to report that it actually didn't do that much for me. I certainly didn't feel like smashing the rest of the cake into my face.

My world didn't collapse, I never fell through a crack in the pavement and the sky didn't fall on my head.

So, now you know that I ate a piece of cheese cake on a special occasion, honesty prevailed and I have moved on integrity intact. I really don't think it has had any effect on my nutrion whatsoever, and it's a new day.

Case closed.

Training was fantastic and I had a great day.



Andrew said...

Good for you having the cheesecake!

Actually I find that having something a little sweet each week helps the body more than it hinders it especially if you are on quite a low fat diet. It keeps the metabolism going and if you have this treat in a controlled fashion it stops the huge binges from coming along.


dougal said...

Hi Andrew,
thanks man, yup you're right it's about building a new balanced lifestyle and I personally don't believe you can ever move through life effectively on a completely restricted eating plan. Bodybuilders are case in point. A competing bodybuilder can put on 10kgs post competition in a few days, and they really pack it on in the off season.

Andrew said...

Hey Dougal,

Great point, I am trying and currently succeeding at loosing BF and last week on my re-feed days had a bowl of ice cream on each of these days. I had my weekly BF measurements yesterday and had lost 1.2% over the week. So I do stongly believe that variety and moderation are very much the key, certainly if it is to be considered a lifestyle change rather than a diet.

Take care,