Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Week Nine, day 2

Firstly an apology. Every intention was to reply to and support everybody that is on the shred. I really do appreciate the support and do not want to be seen to be selfish or uncaring.

Broadband in South Africa SUX. From early am until late in the evening it is mindbogglingly difficult to keep a connection. So..here's a scenario. Access the comments, choose to publish, hit send. Drop the connection. Try again. ahhh, connected...write out comments for all the shredders (half an hour) and hit send. Wait 10 minutes for data to transfer. THEN THE CONNECTION GETS DROPPED AGAIN....Grrrrrrrr. Start again and repeat at least 3 times. By then I've missed 3 meals.

OK let's visit shredder blogs. Same story x 10. I mean, I can have two of my one on one clients come into the gym, train and walk out without me even knowing they have been (well not really, but you get my point.)

At the end of all this I GIVE UP. It takes me an hour and a half to do something that in the US should take no more than 15 minutes.

I am going to try and find somebody with a serious connection so that I can chat with all of you.

In the mean time - oh look, I've got an hour spare (ha ha) let me quickly post my day 5 pics.


Coffeetalk said...

Hi Dougal,

Sorry to hear your frustration regarding your internet connection. Stay strong & stay focused. You're doing great. I'll be back later to check in on you.


Adam Waters said...

Didn't know it was that bad over there mate. Don't worry you are with us in spirit!


Alex Anselmo said...

Hi, Dougal. Droppin by to see your blog. Hope you can find one with a good internet connection. Keep up the good work on shredding,man.


Anonymous said...

no worries! do what you need to do and we'll be here to cheer you on!

Anonymous said...

no worries! do what you need to do and we'll be here to cheer you on!

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Hi there, Dougal, just checking in. Internet problems are so annoying. Here in the Philippines my cable internet got super, super, slow (although not as slow as what you have to deal with). It was maddening. I called to find out what was wrong, customer service said, "Yeah, there's something wrong with one of our big machines." It was such a ridiculous explanation it made me laugh. Still does. Good luck. You'll need the patience of Job.

Andrew said...

Hey Dougal,

You are really having a technology battle in SA!! But hey it's not stopping you though and that's the main thing. Good on ya, it would have been easy to quit before you had started by saying you had no digital camera, but I know that's not you.

Your looking good in the pics mate, keep shredding hard.

Take care,


Joni said...

We all know you are still with us, your pics are looking good! Hope things get easier on the web - you never know how much you appreciate things like reliable internet until you don't have them huh? Keep up the good work!

Michael said...

Dougal, your chest area is getting tighter man! Great job!


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Just swinging by to see what's new with you. I posted something long-winded about Internet woes. Between photo and technological challenges, I am very impressed you get everything done. Thanks for staying with us.

dougal said...

Thanks so much guys,for your support. Michael,Andrew thanks, although It looks like I've gone backwards in day 6.