Friday, October 12, 2007

Week six, day 4

Today I committed murder

Oh yes, I killed my cardio session. I went into the gym feeling great today.
I did things a little differently. I slowed down, and focussed on what I was doing. Took a little longer with my ab session...more attentive, more deliberate...and it hurt more, which is what I wanted.

Onto the mill....again took my time warming up which paid off since I was able to go a lot harder and finished very strong and motivated.

So, achieved my goals for today as far as eating and drinking as well.

Am looking forward to my 3 x 15 leg session.

I just want to say a public CONGRATULATIONS to Adam Waters. He fully deserves all the good things he's getting right now and he is clearly destined for greatness.

He's a really genuine guy with lots of integrity and a will to help others. I have a belief that you can never be happy unless you are doing something to give back and help others.

The Law of Reciprocity Rules.

I will be watching his rise to fame with great interest, after all, he is the reason I am here and making great progress. Good on you, mate.

Thank you Adam.

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