Saturday, October 6, 2007

Week five, day 5

At the end of week five I take a look at my strength increases over the last 5 weeks. Most of them are 50% up on my starting weights and it serves to remind me that variety in your training is what will give you most growth, strength and speed gains.

My own program consists of 3 days of weight training weekly doing the same exercises but with different set and rep and rest ranges. In essence I'm doing strength training once every 2 weeks, size training, once every 2 weeks and endurance or density training once every 2 weeks. This means you can do this routine for longer (8 weeks) before changing, since there is no danger of adaption in this time frame considering the gap between same routines.

It's a phenominal concept and is really working for me. At 58 yrs old and at 97kgs, I'm doing 5 sets of 5 reps, bench press with 95kgs to my chest without a spotter. I'm pretty happy. Seated shoulder press with 25kgs each hand. Seated row, 3/4's of the stack and chins with very little assisted weight. My exercises are all compound. Bench press, Seated row, chins, shoulder press, close grip bench, standing row, squats, deadlift, lunges, step ups. They will always be the greatest exercises to do. Methods change, principles never do.

See ya tomorrow.

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