Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Week seven, day 2

Funny how things change

6 weeks ago, I set a goal to be the international BFL age group champion. As time goes by it has become more important to me to set up and follow through the disciplines necessary to make what I'm doing now a lifestyle rather than a 12 week challenge.

Oh don't get me wrong I still want to achieve my goal but more than that I want to be in better and better shape, physically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally spiritually with each passing year, and that requires the discipline of balance and moderation.

With me it has always been all or nothing. Either overboard with exercise of some sort, or supreme grand master couch potato, but with an athletes mind.

Either party full on or don't bother to go.

Well slowly but surely that is changing....the more I blog the more I am able to think rationally about living my life with balance.

My committment is to spend time exercising each day with intensity and to be in the best shape I can be...FOREVER. Like Adam I see very little point in doing this for 12 weeks and then jumping back onto the couch with a cold one and a smug look, whilst watching ESPN.

I WILL have defined Abs by Christmas, but I will also enjoy myself. I will train less, spend more time with my family and spend more time watching the ocean. I will do different exercise. Ride my MTB, do a lot of surfing, run on the beach.

When the holiday is finished I will get back to work and training with renewed vigour and fresh goals and plans for the whole year.

My cardio today went well although I gave myself permission to back off a little. Still really tired from last nights upper body session.

My goals for tomorrow.
I will drink 3 litres of water
I will train with intensity focussing on each and every rep
I will eat 6 nutritionally balanced meals
I will have a positive day

My affirmations
I am getting leaner and more muscular every day
I love eating nutritious healthy food
I love to help people get their lives back through health and fitness


Andrew said...

Hey Dougal,

Saw the highlights of Sunday's game, you guys played some awesome rugby, we will have to be at our best to beat you at the weekend!! Looking good man!! It looks like all the goal setting is really getting your mind in that right frame to go get the results you want!!

Got my weigh in tomorrow so will post up on my blog tomorrow night. I am hoping they will be a bit better than last weeks! Keep up the great work.

Take care,


dougal said...

Thanks Andrew, appreciate your support. South Africa has got rugby fever like you wouldn't believe. No work is being done here and everybody is just hanging in till saturday.
Forget about the first game against you guys, this one will be massive. I'll be thinking about you at kick off time.