Monday, October 8, 2007

Week five, day 7

Not feeling wonderful

Saturday night was a birthday celebration dinner for me. Went to a portuguese restaurant on the wrong side of town for dinner with family and friends. When the family left the friends got down to some serious partying. I mean 3.30am serious.

Ate prawns drank beer had a fantastic time and woke up sunday to regret it.

How do I feel emotionally about it?

Well - recriminations. I have good friends and I made the choice to party hard, so I can hardly cry into my soup can I now.
How much damage has it. I don't believe a huge amount so it's move on time.

My life has not stopped and my lifestyle has changed but since I am actually still alive I let go now and again. It's actually good for me because I'm a typical Type a personality - an extremist, so finding balance is a good thing. Except with me it's at either end of the scale.

Anyway, it's day, clean food, lot's of water, hard training and by middle of the week it will be forgotten about.

I'm human.

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