Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Week 2, day 1 ....breaking news

The header was really just to get your attention since there already is a
day 1...

In my contract with Adam Waters (The Master) and all of you, I committed to eating a minimum of 5 healthy meals per day. Well yesterday, for various reasons I only managed 4 meals by the time I hit the sack....but my sub-conscious was one step ahead, and also just a little bit naughty...as far as timing was concerned.

I genuinly forgot the 5th meal by the time I got into bed exhausted and I was a nano second away from dreamland when this little voice in my head nudged me with the question "ummmm, what about your 5th meal."
I mean could it not have reminded a little earlier.

Now I don't have to tell you that when you are that close to disapearing for the day it is real hard to get yourself together enough to get up and make a protein shake.

So...then my little voice reminds me that I have a contract with certain people. Bam, that little voice has my attention, because I take that contract very seriously.

Within 5 minutes I had leapt out of bed, mixed up and chugged down a protein shake and got back into bed feeling very self satisfied.

It wasn't that hard and...I stuck to my plan.


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Adam Waters said...

Awesome Dougal! I've had a few similar situations where I've been caught without a meal at the scheduled time. Many a time I have been running to the supermarket in order to make sure my scheduled meal was not too late!

Keep training hard,